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  1. ... Nevermind I fixed that too. Thank you for your help <33
  2. It's stuck on breathing now though. Why can't anything be easy
  3. Welp. I found it. i plugged the fans into the case itself now I can change the colour with the button!
  4. The only thing the RGB button does it change the colour of the on button.
  5. What do you mean plug it into the case? Is there a way to light up the front RGB's without plugging the RGB header into my motherboard?
  6. I had thought that too, flipped it upside down and it just straight up doesn't light up when its upside down.
  7. I just received a brand new Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Special Edition. A successful build, but I am having trouble with the 2 RGB fans at the front. They are not syncing properly with the motherboard RGB LEDs. If I set the motherboard to red, the fans go blue, if I have it set to another colour it'll always change to a different colour that is NOT the one I set through MSI Gaming APP. (Sorry if I forgot anything I created an account just for this lmao) Specs: MSI GTX 1080Ti X 11gb I7-7700k (factory clock) 16GB of Corsair Vengence memory MSI Z270 Gaming M5 mobo 700 Watt Coolermaster Lite PSU