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  1. Small bump. If i can't reuse the pads, any recommendation on what to order? Brand, thickness, amount etc?
  2. I cant rma it because i bought it used, and RMAing it from where i live (israel) is a pain in the butt... Ill probably just order a generic replacement or put 2 ippc 3000rpm noctuas and call it a day. I already dismantled the cooler. Thinking whether i should replace the thermal pads as well? They all stayed nicely on the heatsink, so i believe i can just put them back on as is? They have minor dust residues on them, not sure how much itll affect thermals....also, they'll stay "bare" like shown in the pic (with the cooler dismantled) without creating contact with the pcb till ill get my fans (1-2 weeks i believe). Will that somehow affect thermals? I rather not deal with the pads unless i have to. Any idea which thickness i need in case ill replace them? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the help. The jetstream doesn't have the 4 fan configuration like the gamerock premium (its 2 fans, but each is double). Can't be certain if itll fit/work the jetstream. So annoying that its so hard to find a replacement fan...im thinking of just buying 2 120mm ippc 3000rpm noctuas and ghetto strap them on the heatsink...idk. I'm lost. Also, its impossible to remove the shroud/fans without removing the entire cooler. I tried to do it, but i didn't manage to release it despite releasing all the screws that i believe were neccessary. Didn't wanna force it. This crap just makes me sad. Anyone has a solution?
  4. Hi, One of my fans on my palit jetstream 1080ti died...i can't rma it. Anyone know if i can find replacement fans for this card? In any case of failure, does the arctic accelero cooler fit this card? I'm really bummed out as i can't use the card properly now, it just sits there and i want to solve the problem asap.
  5. You won't degrade your chip @1.4.... Even this is kind of babying the chip. You can run 1.4 24/7 with 0 worries. If you're that worried, play with the llc setting so that when its idle it'll be lower, but it gets a bit more juice when it needs. Either way, 1.4 is perfectly fine as long as temps are good. Only around 1.45 you may start to think about degradation, and even so, were talking something minor (if temps are good) . above that , approaching 1.5 for 24/7, that's where true degradation will start to be an issue.
  6. Use HCI memtest. Picks up errors pretty good when done properly. Run it overnight for a basic check, or if you wanna be thorough , 1500-2000%. I'm also a big believer in the blend test of prime95 , set under custom to around 90-92% of free ram you have . spotted my ram oc inatabilitties pretty much every time, usually its rather quick also. I think HCI + prime custom blend through the entire night (separately of course!) Is an excellent way to validate ram oc stability. I can say that for example, in my own personal experoance, prime and hci both picked up memory errors within minutes, while memtest86 that ran for like 8 hours reported that everything is good. Memtest86 is not as good for varifying oc, its more for checking the integrity of the module itself.
  7. Nope, manual voltage indeed, 1.385v with llc 2, have been running and tested for months, I changed nothing besides the frequency (multiplier) and turned off smt. Thats why its so weird. I know it can go up to the higher 80's without danger , but since with smt on it never passes 70-71, I didn't see a point in continuing. This is just strange. I'm really curious why this is happening. I put it back on smt enabled and the temps went to be normal again....that's really the only variable that changed.
  8. so, i have a ryzen 5 1600 and since i basically game for 99% of the time i get to use my pc (well that and netflix) i decided to play with the SMT setting a bit to see how much i actually gain in games, plus if i can push my oc slightly higher. so i disabled SMT, kept the same settings exactly as they were (same vcore ,soc etc) and just upped the cpu frequency from 3.9 to 3.95 ( 3.95 used to crash on prime, so i wanted to see if it holds now with SMT OFF). to my surprise, even though i read everywhere that temps with SMT OFF should be lower, they were actually higher, and not just that, they rose much quicker (time wise). it reached a point where i stopped the test because it started to quickly surpass 70 and didn't show a sign of stopping...this is weird as with SMT on, there is a much slower temp rise as well as a lower max temp in general. anyone care to explain? thanks.
  9. Speeds looks fine on gpuz....do you play with vsync on? CPU usage is low coz ryzen 5 1600 with its 6 cores and 12 threads is an overkill for most games... They don't utilize it maximally yet. Most Games from 2016 for example in my case utilize like 10-15% at times (cpu). Is the gpu usage 98-100% if you run heavan benchmark or firestrike ?
  10. old thread, but reading it i just couldn't stay silent and not respond. gotta love random internet people throwing some words like voltage, damage, blah blah. im happy you solved your problem, im sad i didnt see it earlier to save you some headache and anxiety. just for future knowledge, there is nothing you can do in afterburner, NOTHING that will damage your card. your max voltage and power draw is set in the cards bios, you can crank AB all the way up, it doesnt matter, nothing that you do through this program will override the cards bios limits. hell, even if you modify the bios, almost all cards have a predetermined hard limit which is safe (unless its an LN2 card). nvidia really watches over their products. yeah, so again, happy you found out its the driver, and be careful when listening to some dramatic statements with computer buzz words. im happy you didnt end up RMAing your card , saved you some headache...
  11. Its OK now, specially for the price, but gaming goes towards threads, so its faith is the same as the i5's ...it's legitimacy is always on the line. Within a year or two you'll see it struggling with over 90% usage on modern titles. If you're on a budget however and want a good performance for a year or so, sure , why not. If you want a CPU that'll last long term and handle modern titles easily without castrating your newly bought high end GPU, don't get i3, or even an i5.