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  1. Hi all, I would like to see a video about the effect of background services that manage updates on gaming performance and if they're the cause of lag spikes. The internet is full of forum post about people that try to stop, remove or have problems with services. Every one seems to hate them, especially when they when they can't be stopped. The idea came to me whilst trying to resolve a bug in our ERP system that gets triggered when background services preform updates or send telemetry data. I've noticed that services that update Office 365, Chrome and Adobe (and probably more) have taks scheduled that run and if needed restart the service every hour. If you ever wondered why Office Click-To-Run.exe keeps starting even when the service set to start manually... Office has scheduled tasks planned to make sure that the service runs al the time... They even found a way to revert any changes to the tasks and when you delete them... it just creates new tasks ? When the Office Click-to-Run service gets launched by these tasks there is a small lag spike and frame dip in Insurgency Sandstorm. So I've set OCTR to start, run 2 minutes then end the service, wait for a half minute and repeat (same method as how I found the bug). I can see the ping and frame rate spike a little bit. I have 32gb ram with a 3800x and a GTX 1080 so I'm flabbergasted that it's noticeable. Maybe setup a low, mid and high end PC and set multiple background update services to launch simultaneously during a benchmark. Adobe, Autodesk, Chrome, Office 365 and Solidworks have services that can and will run updates while gaming. I couldn't care less about the privacy. The fact is that applications come with services. BUT I freaking hate that I have no say in how or when they run. Kind regards, TB. ps: Install all the games and the programs to get the services. Make sure the services don't launch or update on login or boot-up. Then time the triggers so you can time them with the benchmark. Disconnect the drive and make a few copies. Wait a few weeks to make sure there are updates and start testing.
  2. Hello people and peoples, After a few weeks (and €226,- ) I stopped searching for mice and started extra hand "yoga" and a the gyroscopic wrist training ball. It dit help a lot and could even be seen as a good solution. ....I think?! But as always KISS is the best.... Keep It Simple Stupid: Sticky anti draft tape and razor some blade sculpting worked wonders. I just kept adding it to relief pressure points and made it wide 'inouf' so i could relax my hand without gripping and cramping up. I still have some pain/stiffness because bad armrest settings at work. The chairs with good armrests fuck up my back, the one with a good backrest hurt my arms ...a few years ago, when i was still a carpenter, I would never have believed I would turn out to become a nagging, 9 to 5, office computer geek.
  3. Haha, I'm going Visual Basic and Excel ...like 60 hours a week sinds i started my graduation project ...I've almost finished the COD WWII campaign.... tutorial
  4. Wil do! The best ones "I" found so far; http://www.evoluent.nl/index.php/producten/evoluent-verticale-muis-4-medium-large-rechts-wireless https://www.ergowerken.nl/handshoemouse-bedrade-rechtshandige-ergonomische-m.html?id=11938431&quantity=1 https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/467995/delux-m618-wired.html I am gonna try the M618 because its cheap. But i might end up cannibalizing it for parts and try 3D doodling or a low temp thermoplast.
  5. Thanks for the tips! Problem with the claw is that i cant seem to stop clamping to hard. There is to much tension/to tight of a grip between my pink and thumb. The semi palm grip caused to much pressure on a smal point fucking up the knuckle joint of my middle finger. I've used a trackball for a while (linus had a vid about one of those) but there to much moving around and back and fourth to the keyboard. A little bigger would have fit perfect by the way.
  6. They have a hard time finding a good mouse. Thrust me, i know I've been having a hard time finding the right mouse. I think the big industries use the global average to size there mice. I'm from Holland.... Large people with large hands and even here my hands are considered large. 1; 185mm 2; 265mm 3;117mm. I'm looking for something big to palm grip where i can still use the scroll weel. I like the vertical, but only to like 35 degrees. The most ergonomic vertical mouses are way to vertical Maybe some custom 3D printed mouse? I would really like to here your suggestions, TB.
  7. Hey, I've just setup a "new" gaming pc for a buddy of mine. It's build like my 6+ year old setup. It still in working more than good enough; i7-2600 Asus p67 chipset and a GTX 1080 2x 8gb ram 4k benQ cad monitor The multiplier and the turbo mode on max and it been running at 3,9GHz multi core. WHen it's not under syntactic load 1 core CAN run 4,2GHz with the remaining 3 core at 3,8GHz. It's still a slight bottleneck for the GTX 1080 but locking max fps at 90 keeps everything smooth. Why we think this is still a good setup and why it's build as it is; The 2600 is without oc 'only' 35% slower than a 7700 and 30% with oc. 2x 8g because 4x4 gives more load on the Cpu *16Gb because of work, 12 should be enough 4k monitors are harder on the GPU: high fps are hard on the Cpu while lots of pixels strain the Gpu The 2600 still power a lot the work stations over here. The single core boost to 3,9GHz is especialy good for the CAD/CAM software (dont know why doh). Bang for bugs and it's proven to be reliable and durable. He's going to end up with an 2600 non k out of a workstations. THe mobo will be a MSI Z77A-GD65. Crucial Ballistix Sport 2 times 8GB 1600mHz (running at 1333). Scythe mugen 4 (I have the 3). And an 4k Samsung U28E590. The only new parts are the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G 1,8tb hdd, el cheapo case, Corsair VS550. Total price ~775, in Holland. Overclock result will have to wait till i have some more time, but i hope it will run the same as mine When i asked for motherboard advice, regarding the new pc, i was told straight of the bad that the non k couldn't run that high and that i was mistaken How is it possible that over 6 years after the release people still don't know how Intel's chipsets and K/non K processors work A simple google search gave hundreds half craptacular answers. I can's say Intel is any better, tryed to search on there site but got no clear answer. Let me know what you guys think, TB 2600 vs 7700 http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-7700-vs-Intel-Core-i7-2600/3887vs620