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  1. Mayhems Aurora

    Are the water blocks you are going to use aluminum or copper ?Honestly i would go copper rads with copper/nickel bocks so you have more options on coolant to use.
  2. one last noob question for my first custom loop

    With dual rads that big you could run the fans at a slower rpm and still get the cooling you need.And if you want tempered glass for that coe x9 http://www.thermaltake.com/Chassis/Accessories_/_/C_00003114/Core_X9_Tempered_Glass_Upgrade_Kit/design.htm
  3. Can I request a water cooling PC?

    Google prebuilt gaming pc youll find more companies like those.
  4. Thermaltake 71 TG RGB Radiator Questions

    But he wants to look cool in front of his friends.
  5. Can I request a water cooling PC?

    Have you not seen built pc brands like https://www.maingear.com/ http://www.digitalstorm.com/
  6. Motherboards?

    What are you going to use the pc for and your budget ?And i would skip that case and get a define r6 its about the same price and a better case.
  7. Yeah Ryzen likes 3200 or higher depending the board you use.
  8. Full size towers with vertical GPU mount

    Cable mods is working on a kit kinda like that but once its out it won't be as hard to find lol
  9. Full size towers with vertical GPU mount

    If you don't plan on using any pci slots you can get a vertical mount kit from cooler master and soon cable mods,Both kits you cut out the metal between the pci slots and just slide it in place.Now you want a case with vertical mount made in you got a few options.Like the view 71 and this one is new https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Obsidian-Series®-500D-Premium-Mid-Tower-Case/p/CC-9011116-WW And the lian li 011 dynamic comes out next month and the vertically mount will be a add on for it.
  10. Dual loop, shared rads

    Since you care mostly about looks,Why not run a dual pump kit like http://www.performance-pcs.com/ppc-s-dual-uber-d5-fully-modded-d5-water-pump-single-loop-matte-black.html And use a custom res like https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acrylic-Reservoir-Water-Tank-360mm-with-4-G1-4-for-multiple-inlet-outlet-options/222882881088?hash=item33e4dade40:m:msfwZgZht4wBp4t7OPTlzhQ Or 2 stand alone pumps and a single res like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acrylic-liquid-cooling-water-tank-Reservoir-only-with-6-G1-4-240mm-size/222777418473?hash=item33de91a2e9:m:mTMWS7M6bc5PgPPLPIlBQHQ If you like his stuff he does all kinds of custom res and res/pump combos,Search his name on youtube you'll find his custom stuff.
  11. Dual loop, shared rads

    All i can add is doing it like that will take a lot longer for the temperatures to equalize,And you'll need a lot more coolant.To me watercooling should follow the K.i.s.s rule,Keep it simple stupid.The less is more rule also.The shorter the runs and less fittings/bends the better the loop will flow.
  12. If your rads are inside the case those fans will still move air inside the case.
  13. Good full tower

    Thats a problem with cases now,Not many have ODD drives anymore they are slowly dying off.If you don't mind a big cube case the core x5 is not bad http://www.thermaltake.com/Chassis/Cube_Case_/Core/C_00003042/Core_X5_Tempered_Glass_Edition/design.htm Or it has a huge big brother the core x9.Both cases have 3 ODD bays to them.
  14. Good full tower

    Or get a case with out any ODD and get a usb bluray drive they are like 100 bucks now.
  15. Is a 360 rad enough for 2 1080 TI’s

    Yeah a 144hz 4k monitor isn't made yet,Some 4k tvs can run 120hz but most are close to a grand in price.
  16. Is a 360 rad enough for 2 1080 TI’s

    It depends the game if you can run 4k over 60fps on a single 1080ti or not.Something like battlefield 1 a single card will do it.Now a open world game like ghost recon wildlands you'll need 2 cards.And pubg is just a nightmare to get it to run 4k.
  17. Good full tower

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119328 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119334 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811854069
  18. You can buy a cooler for 36 bucks us plus shipping https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186184&cm_re=tr4_cooler-_-35-186-184-_-Product
  19. For 40 bucks plus shipping https://siliconlottery.com/ Will delid it for you and send it back to you.
  20. DX12 Multi GPU Support. All DX12 games?

    Learn something everyday.But will it be just as much of a headache as sli/cf is on some games ?
  21. Is a 360 rad enough for 2 1080 TI’s

    And what the 2nd gpu will cost you can spend that money on a nice monitor.Or used it to upgrade the cpu or something you'd see a return worth it.The other thing to run 2 gpus specially high end ones your looking 850 to 1300 watt psu.Its like 150 for a 750 watt or less but past 1000 watts your looking 200 to 300 range+plus the 2nd gpus price.Most games you can run 1440p ultra settings with over 100fps depending the game with one high end card,Or 60fps 4k depending the game and settings.If you want 4k ultra settings and more then 60fps then go for that 2nd card if not id pass on it.The reason i say that is 4k monitors are 60 hz right now and to get past that you need some 4k tvs or wait tell the faster 4k monitors to come out which will be north of a grand us.Depending the monitor you can get a 144hz 1440p for 500 to 800 range and be bigger in size then a 4k.
  22. Multiple GPU question

    Yeah if you want to run games and render at the same time you need a 8 core or maybe a 10/12 core cpu to have it running happy.
  23. 1070 for 1440p 144hz enough?

    Pubg to run 1440 above 100fps your looking dual 1080 tis or faster cards lol.Thats the problem with gaming theres no set rules on how the game has to run.It could be one game runs 4k fine on your pc and another like pubg,Or ghost recon wildlands where you have to push it back to 1080p for the fps you want.
  24. DX12 Multi GPU Support. All DX12 games?

    I don't think you run those two together since one amd and the other is nvidia.As far as all dx12 games supporting more then one gpu the answer is no.With dx12 its now left up the game developers if they support multi gpus or not so some don't because its not needed like forza horizon 3 will run 4k with a single high end gpu.With dx11 and older your drivers kinda forced both cards to run in sli or crossfire and on some games it works prefect and some its a nightmare.
  25. Never heard of them give us a link to the psu you want or have.