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  1. For the cpu block heatkiller or xspc are the best tr4 blocks right now.For gpu ek and maybe phanteks are the only ones that will fit that card.
  2. Vertical GPU case recommendations

    Pretty much any case smaller then atx won't have vertical gpu mount because of its size and the room that takes up.
  3. GPU block advice

    Both blocks should cool the same so pick the one that looks better to you.
  4. Some games like bf1 like to push the load on the cpu,And loves cpu cores the more the better.

    There is rgb header and adressable rgb header,Some people mix these things up and say it won't work.Which is really a user error.
  6. AIO's linked together

    You know a aio uses odd size fittings.port sizes.You'd have to use pipe adapters to run standard size tubing and fittings.Plus you'll probably need more coolant so would be better to drain it all and replace it with something safe for aluminum.Real world you'll spend more money trying to get this to work then buying a ek aluminum kit and add in a 2nd gpu block and rad.
  7. I have seen their blocks used but not that one yet.From what i have read/heard they come with little to no instructions.So which thremo pads go where is kinda trail and error.
  8. Your quoting marketing bs tho,Tell we can see it run and tested 3rd party to prove its right.I would take anything said with a grain of salt.
  9. Opinions on Bykski

    Only bad thing i can say is the install on a gpu can be a headache.The install instructions are either next to nothing to nothing.So your kinda left on your own to figure out what and where the thermo pads go on it.There is a used ek block on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/EK-FC980GTX-Classy-Full-coverage-Water-blocks-NikelPlexi/232787835126?hash=item36333c78f6:g:reUAAOSwfVhZ~u4z Or a swiftech block https://www.ebay.com/itm/Swiftech-KOMODO-NV-GTX9-Nvidia-GeForce-GTX-980-Full-Cover-Water-Block/251810317674?hash=item3aa110856a:g:sYgAAOSwabhUUwMG Or email bitspower see if they have any left in stock maybe
  10. Liquid cooling

    What AIO stands for is all in one.So everything that is needed is already there with it.
  11. As long as your not mixing metals,Whatever brand parts you use don't matter.A lot of people use different brand parts to meet their liking its fine as long as you don't mix aluminum with copper/copper nickel.
  12. Graphics card liquid cooling

    All name brand waterblocks will come with instructions.Or google the card you want to use any install waterblock you'll find a ton of videos on youtube of it.
  13. Watercooling loop

    What they mean by not mix metals,Copper and copper with nickel plating that most waterblocks are is fine.aluminum is the one you don't mix you go all aluminum or zero aluminum.That video shows how to flush a loop,On how often is hard to answer it could be 6 month to over a year.It depends a lot on your coolant and how hard its been used.
  14. Does a 140mm ~50mm thick AIO exist?

    Why not small custom loop and get what you want ?
  15. Going 90s style huh lol I remember people using car heater cores as rads in the early water cooling days.
  16. And gpu sag https://modmymods.com/modmymods-adjustable-aluminum-gpu-vga-support-strut-black-vh1.html
  17. Most closes that have a vertical mount are 2 slot,So a card as thick as yours will choke to death like that unless you water cool it.You have another option that works on all cases https://store.cablemod.com/product/cablemod-vertical-pci-e-bracket-2-x-displayport-black/# Now it will take up all the pci slots
  18. Yeah water cooling Thermaltake is on the low end and not something you want to use at all.Like said you got Ek,bitspower Alphacool and heatkiller.Ek,heatkiller and alphacool are all from Europe so getting might be easier for you.
  19. Liquid cooler cleaning

    Maybe the pump died on it,AIO are not really known for lasting a long time either.
  20. Watercooling threadripper.

    The best tr4 waterblock is heatkiller.The next two that are close in specs are xspc and phanteks .Eks block really is on the low end with flow and temps for the tr4.If you want water cooling parts look around on http://www.performance-pcs.com/
  21. Watercooling threadripper.

    Those aios are known for dead pumps easy.
  22. Will RTX GPUs forever be overpriced?

    A lot of it is marketing bs making you believe and think you want/need those new cards.Real world they might be what 15% faster then a 1080ti is right now ?The price sure its a lot of money,But someone will buy then at the price and thats up to them really.And there is a lot of cheaper video cards on the market right now if you need a card and budget is half that or less.
  23. Tell the new cards hit market and are privately benchmarked,We have zero idea what they will and won't run.Card companies and cpu companies both have lied and hyped up specs over the years to sell their stuff.Wait tell the truth aka real world bench marks hit then we will know.
  24. Watercooling a gpu

    There is and not a list at the same time,Ek you can search any card one at time to see if they got a block for it https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/ And there is http://gpu.watercool.de/WATERCOOL_HEATKILLER_GPU_Compatibility.pdf
  25. SLI , keep it or upgrade ?

    Why is the last 20 post are about the new gpus that we no nothing about tell they hit the market ?