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  1. andrewmp6

    Regarding Liquid Cooler Warranty

    I have heard of ek and deep cool replacing parts their leaking aios killed off.
  2. andrewmp6

    Can I tie my two AIOs together?

    Its a lot of work and not even worth trying it.Wait tell you can custom loop it right its a lot easier and cheaper to do it once.
  3. andrewmp6

    Custom Loop - Mod AIO Cooler

    Jayztwocents kinda tried this with a fractal aio cpu block and pump.It failed badly to pump the whole loop.Its best to just not use nothing from the aio and go all custom loop you'll be a lot happier in the end.
  4. andrewmp6

    Thermaltake vs EK

    If you care about cooling,Go hardware labs rads and heatkiller blocks.
  5. andrewmp6

    Radiator mid loop?

    You did answer your own question,What i can say is install all your parts but the tubing,Then figure out the shortest and easiest way to run the tubing.
  6. andrewmp6

    ISO Liquid Cooling Parts

    How hot is the room the pc is in ?And what case do you have?
  7. I made two wish list on newegg the other day.A 1920x and 2700x built the same.The 1920x was maybe 200 us more for 4 more cores.It would be 150 more if i switched out motherboards for the x399 phantom gaming 6.
  8. Yeah you are right.Gaming the threadrippers run just like whatever half if Ryzen cpu its two of.Work load depends if the program likes amd or intel but even then its a small difference in time/speed.
  9. andrewmp6


    Or pick a case you like and add rgb fans and lights to it
  10. andrewmp6

    Water Cooling Custom Loop

    Nickel plating and silver don't play well together.
  11. andrewmp6

    x299 motherboard

    Back in the old days the northbridge needed watercooling when overclocking.Today most chipsets are fine with the stock heatsink even overclocked.So thats why you don't see them watercooled like the older boards was.Even the vrm on some boards will run fine with the stock heatsinks overclocked.
  12. If your going that far why not go full custom loop it ?You can get a better rad a better more coverage water block and a lot more cooling out it.
  13. andrewmp6

    Nzxt h500 white review?

    Unless you want to use nzxt rgb stuff only with their hub aka hue.I would get the h500 and buy whatever rgb stuff you like.
  14. andrewmp6

    2019 and 2020 Forward "Proofing" new build.

    Honestly one 2080ti or maybe vega 7 should run 4k with in sync range.And id take a amd 2700x over the 9900k its 200 cheaper and maybe 8% slower.And the am4 boards are cheaper But to me id rather game in 1440p and have a faster better monitor to use.Most of the 4k monitors are kinda crappy and the only 2 fast ones are well over a grand us to buy and not too big either.
  15. andrewmp6

    RTX Bottleneck?

    at 1080p the load is pushed cpu,1440p and higher the load is pushed gpu.