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  1. andrewmp6

    What is the best seal for leaking radiator?

    The cost to repair it right will cost more then the shipping on a rma for it.I would rma it and throw on a air cooler if you got one.If not buy the cheapest one that will work for you tell you get the new aio shipped to you.
  2. Really your options are very limited,Most cases no longer have any 5.25 bays,The define r6 could work if you cut down to a single 5.25 and pay a little more money.
  3. andrewmp6

    Is AMD really working on some 7nm gpu???

    Like anything new wait tell reviews to the see the truth.I do love amd but both side have over hyped/marketed new stuff a lot lately.Even the vega 64 is what 100 us over its mrsp should be.
  4. andrewmp6

    Is AMD really working on some 7nm gpu???

    Yeah 4k gaming to me would take 2 high end cards to get a playable frame rate.I'm with you on 1440p its a better gaming option to me and cheaper.
  5. If needed ek does offer alum rads in different sizes also.
  6. andrewmp6

    Is AMD really working on some 7nm gpu???

    Have you priced a 4k g-sync monitor tho ?
  7. Really water cooling started mid 90s and was very diy stuff.Danger den and a few others made cpu blocks then later some gpu blocks.They used fish aquarium pumps and for rads they rigged up heater cores out of cars .Main stream water cooling to me started late 90s early 00s when they started making custom parts and the earliest aios came out.Really it started when people started overclocking cpus and the only air coolers was the oem ones which sucked back then.Today some air coolers like the Noctuas can out cool most aios.
  8. The hue+ and hue 2 is the same thing
  9. Which card did you buy?Is it a blower card or has 2 or 3 fans on it ?I would try the card undervolted and see how it runs in your case before you try water cooling it.
  10. The controller on those was crappy back in the day.I went through 3 sets of the blue lights before i got a set that lasted the longest.
  11. Your case probably has the early hue controller in it.The hue+ is their newest one that does a lot more then the first hue does.
  12. andrewmp6

    His hd 4870

    If they work id paid that for them.And i would replace the thermo paste and pads on the cards because of the age of them.
  13. andrewmp6

    Is the vega 64 strix oc edition worth it?

    If the nitro and strix are the same price and you got room for the longer nitro then i would get it.Now if the strix is cheaper i would get it over the nitro.
  14. A dual loop is only for loops it won't cool any different.