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  1. Msi Air Boost Vega 64

    Its cool I'm waiting for the case i want to come back in stock lol
  2. Msi Air Boost Vega 64

    Any pictures of the waterblock mounted ?
  3. Show case recommendation

    Youtube computex 2018 they showed a lot of new cases coming out something might catch your eye also.
  4. Show case recommendation

    This http://www.lian-li.com/pc-o11-dynamic/
  5. Msi Air Boost Vega 64

    Let me how it fits because thats the waterblock i want
  6. Msi Air Boost Vega 64

    Thank you guys,I have read someone online it was a reference card with a upgraded blower,But no one never shown proof if is tell now.
  7. Msi Air Boost Vega 64

    I'm trying to find a Vega 64 card i can water cool,New the only one i can find is the asus strix vega 64 and only waterblock is the ek one for that card.I rather have a reference card but i can't find one not used for under 900 us lol.
  8. Msi Air Boost Vega 64

    Is the Msi Air Boost Vega 64 a reference pcb or custom pcb?The card looks like its a reference card with a upgraded blower,But i can't get a answer out of Msi I have emailed them.
  9. What case is this?

    Looks like a shorter knock off of a lian li pc 011
  10. Is SLI support declining?

    With dx12 the support is left up to the game not the card drivers,Will sli and cf be around in 10 years maybe,Will most games and people really use thats a hard one to answer.
  11. Which graphics card should I use

    When ever i build a gaming pc i try to buy the fastest video card i can afford.Reason i do that is so i can pretty much game on that pc for 3 to 4 years with no upgrades most of the time.
  12. Reservoir Selection

    Size means nothing really,Most use big ones just to fill up a case or for looks.Before the big cylinder types everyone used this one https://www.amazon.com/Swiftech-MCRES-Micro-Rev2-Reservoir/dp/B001UCMCFS And it only held 4.5 ozs,Today using a bigger one that that will make priming the loop easier but going to big will make you buy more coolant so keep that in mind.
  13. Heat killer does have a motherboard block for you if im reading this right http://shop.watercool.de/epages/WatercooleK.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/WatercooleK/Categories/Wasserkühler/MB_Kuehler/Mainboard_Sets/"Sockel 1151"
  14. AIO use a Aluminum rad because its cheaper.
  15. With normal case air flow those stock heat sinks over the vrm will be fine,Unless you delided your cpu and are trying to set the highest speed on that cpu i doubt you'll have any problems with that boards vrm.