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  1. MellowCream

    Daaaahhhh look what I gawt!!!

    Pretentious elitism is a staple of the PC "master race", it's time to grow up guy with furry avatar.
  2. MellowCream

    Scam 1080 Ti's being sold for $100 on Ebay? Discussion

    Buy it, eBay buyer protection will give you your money back.
  3. MellowCream

    Which out of these 4 graphics card should I buy.

    The cheapest one with the best game bundle.
  4. MellowCream

    PSU Tier List [OLD]

    These tiers don't make sense and are arbitrary. There's no defining characteristic of each tier so this list is effectively useless as a ranking. While I agree that all of the units on tier 1 are good, I don't know why they're better than tier 2 or 3, or why 7 is worse than 6, etc.
  5. MellowCream

    My pc turns off randomly

    Sounds like a power supply issue. Does it shut down at idle or just under load? Download Prime95 & FurMark, run both at the same time and see if it shuts down.
  6. MellowCream

    Best country for immigration?

    I don't think you understand the chart, I'd be more than happy to explain it, but AFAIK, political discussion is not allowed on this forum.
  7. MellowCream

    Best country for immigration?

    The US. There is no other answer. "Mass shootings" are an EXTREME statistical anomaly and are not a day-to-day threat. And if you're really scared, you can arm yourself to protect your property and life.
  8. MellowCream

    Cars subsection

    Car thread right now. We need it.
  9. MellowCream

    Ryzen 7 2700x motherboards

    Buy an X470 or good B450 board to guarantee compatibility.
  10. MellowCream

    Laggy PC

    Can you run another 3d application and see if it does this? try 3dmark or furmark.
  11. MellowCream

    Laggy PC

    Nope, a 960 should run 2k just fine.
  12. MellowCream

    How hard would a 1070 bottleneck a g4560?

    The G4560 would seriously bottleneck that 1070. Might want to look into getting a Ryzen 5/ Core i5.
  13. AMD drivers are better than Nvidia drivers, I've used both. The control panel for AMD blows Nvidia's away, like it's not even close. Now AMD has AMD Link which adds a bunch of cool new stuff as well.
  14. The Vega 64 is about 5-8% slower on average than a 1080.
  15. but as i mentioned, amd has been good with performance, especially with the mid range cards that people buy, like the 580/70 etc