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  1. Kevin_Walter

    AMD Build

    If you can't afford a 7970 or an R9 280X, then go with the 270X. I have one... really nice card for the price.
  2. Kevin_Walter

    Gotta love the Steam sale

    Ah yes! I forgot about that. I bought CS:GO as well. (And I'm TERRIBLE at it...)
  3. Kevin_Walter

    Project Codename: Iron Man (NZXT Phantom 410 Build)

    Should have made the inside blue.
  4. Kevin_Walter

    Gotta love the Steam sale

    Steam sales are never fair. I've picked up... Don't Starve The Witcher Enhanced Witcher 2 Enhanced Rage Left 4 Dead 2 (but that was free so...) World of Goo Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Dark Souls Prepare to Die Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition Bit.Trip Runner Luckily, I got most of these when they went on flash sales or daily deals. I'm glad I didn't buy any of them as soon as I saw that they were on sale. I'd much rather get something 75% off than 50% off. I have become addicted to buying games though. I actually haven't used Steam in years.... literally. I had 14 games no more than 4 months ago, but due to various humble bundles and steam sales, I've breached 100. Half of them, I'll probably never even play. Waste of money? Probably. But at least that grid view looks sexy....
  5. Kevin_Walter

    Can I ever get into Starcraft 2?

    Nah, this thread is about StarCraft 2, not Diablo 3... At any rate, look up a guy on youtube that goes by the name of Day9. He used to post a lot of videos with lots of tips for noobs. http://www.youtube.com/user/day9tv Mostly, it's going to come down to finding an easy build and then practicing to get faster and faster with it. I'm no SC expert, but I would suggest playing against AI if you can't get over the anxiety of playing against other players. But don't go playing against easy or normal AI... you have to play against something that cheats and is going to kick you in the pants until you get faster with your build order. The only way to get better is to beat something/someone that you can't conquer in the beginning. It's the same with any game, really.
  6. Kevin_Walter

    Does Battlefield 4 still have bugs?

    They've released what, 5 or 6 patches since release, not counting server-side hotfixes? The most noticeable bug I've seen in the last several days I've played is the random "my character is crouched, and I'm sliding around the map on my knees at sprinting speeds" glitch I see from time to time in kill-cams. But that existed in BF3 as well and I don't remember it ever being fixed. Luckily, it's rare, in my experience.