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  1. From the thing into a flowerpot, Monster Musume is 6. most popular anime in (my localized) Crunhyroll. ughh also, keep that one mr. Icantthinkofanygoodname, kongou is best
  2. Oh, I can find this in my local Crunhy. Nice! Might actually watch this one
  3. Well, a car nailed to the roof in Germany will not cause car crashes very likely. That's got to be as safe as it gets. Also, I'm very tired
  4. Harder to press gas pedal => safer roads?
  5. Daru is like the best character ever
  6. Saber is best spoiler because not sure if spoils anything or not.
  7. The choice is yours. Either of them will make you dizzy after a while.
  8. Oh boy, what did I get myself into