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    BigD360 reacted to Tihar in PC Shuts Off While Gaming   
    Okay so I fixed it. It turns out all I had to do was rewire my PC. One of my cables (I guess) was coming loose and I just made sure they were all snug. Works fine now, thanks for the help.
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    BigD360 reacted to TrigrH in PC Shuts Off While Gaming   
    If the issue is getting worse, its the PSU.
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    BigD360 got a reaction from jaysangwan32 in iMac Pro vs. High End Build?   
    The custom build you have there is basically top of the line so yeah, it'll blow the mac away for games, hands down. 
    I just have to say one thing about your parts list; why do you have two separate 16GB kits of TridentZ instead of one 32GB kit?
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    BigD360 reacted to Lord7887 in Idiots try mining bitcoin   
    Title says it all