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  1. i restarted after clicking quarantine and now memory usage is normal i think (~50% of 8gb). thanks!
  2. ram usage is normal in safe mode (14%)
  3. i just ran a malwarebytes scan: can i trust it with the regestry stuff and click quarantince? EDIT: space
  4. i have nothing open. not discord not spotify just google drive sync, steam and blizzard launcher (nothing is updating) in the background which dont take up more than 200MB ram. started happening yesterday after updating the graphics card drivers (which has nothing to do with memory usage as far as i know). also printscreen doesnt work now for some reason, i have to open the snip and skectch app. thanks a lot for reading and trying to fix my problems specs: i7 6700 asus h110M-A m.2 evga gtx 960 2gb 8gb single channel @2133mhz a cheap 500w psu which im not going to replace because im not spending a penny on this shit pc. id just buy a new one.
  5. ok ill do that and also plug the ssd into another sata port (i know im a fucking genius)
  6. when i restart it boots into windows normally (ssd is detected obviously) but after a short while same thing happens. i checked all the cables they're all plugged in all the way
  7. i found a ripjaws v 3600 cl16 kit for $90. the evga g3 is on sale for $124, is it good? the corsair cx650m is $112 wich one should i get? edit: the evga GD 600w is on sale for $72 should i get this one?
  8. these are from amazon. the prices are high because i have to pay 17% taxes for everything which sucks the tx650m is only 20 dollars cheaper
  9. the 3600x is on sale (its the same price as the 3600 now) which ram kit do you recommend? i already have the hdd and i dont need more storage can you recommend a psu? thanks for replying edit: the cheapest 16gb ram kit that i can buy (that ships to me) is the vengeance lpx and its 25$ cheaper. is it worth the performance loss?
  10. should i add case fans? buy a cpu cooler? parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Z2bLyk thanks for your help
  11. ill replace it if your sure that its causing the problem. thanks for helping btw
  12. its quit popular in my country, and ive been using it for 3 years no problem
  13. PC freezes shortly after opening a game (any game) (EDIT: Not just games, it happened again when watching youtube) the second monitor and keyboard turns off Temps are normal, any idea why? (second monitor connected to the motherboard because it doesnt have hdmi nor displayport output) i7 6700 evga gtx 960 2gb asus h110m-A/m.2 single 8gb crucial 2133mhz samsung 860 evo 500gb wd blue 1tb