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  1. Well, I need help with Excel, I want to make a combine Excel functions to make one that can be able to detach the discount of this table, but I have the problem is that I have to criteria the service code(1,2,3,4) and the day(1,7)(8,14), and one of them is exactly and the other one is not, I don't know what to do help
  2. Please help me with these exercise Let A be a set: a) show that being equipotent is an equivalence relation in P(A) b)For the set A={a,b,c,d},write the partition of P(A) that generates the relation of being equipotent,better said write the equivalence classes
  3. So I just bought a sm961 nvme drive for my Lenovo y720, and I want to make the ssd my boot drive, and my question is there is a way to pass all the data from my hdd(including OS) to the ssd?
  4. thanks man, i´m going to use the renewable resources topic and also i want to ask you from where you would be able to recollect that much data about net neutrality?
  5. i need help guys. I dont know what topic to select for my final excel project and collect enough information to produce two data charts each one with 400 or more of data. Also the topics needs to have a relation with economics or politics.
  6. so guys i´m going to write an essay about the realtion between politics and privacy(specifically internet privacy), so i it would be nice if you could recommend me some texts that have relation with that topic.
  7. oh so that´s the way the function adds the clases to the list l1, so that´s the reason you put l1=[ ] is to define l1 as a list. thank you man this explains a lot of things for me.
  8. That´s exactly what i wanted to do, thank you a lot Can i ask you something :what´s the function of append?
  9. So i started to define some functions in python 2, but i have a problem with one function this specified function: def catego(lista): i=0 while i<len(lista): if lista<=12 and lista>=0: clase="Niño" elif lista>12 and lista<=17: clase="Adolescente" elif lista>18 and lista<=30: clase="Joven" elif lista>30 and lista<=45: clase="Maduro" elif lista>45 and lista<=65: clase="Adulto" else: clase="Adulto Mayor" i=i+1 return [clase] after that i define a list: Edades=[9,45,67,38,23,15,47] and i want my function to identify each value from the list and that it throws me another list but now with each respective clase from the function. the problem is that when i run the function, only throws the clase from the last value of the list.
  10. But that's not the problem anymore, it's that the pc is turning on and off and doesn't send a signal
  11. So I turn my pc on and it doesn't send a signal to the monitor, and also turns on and off every time I try to used and I also think that the pc doesn't load windows, I need help
  12. It only says that is a signed Lithography
  13. In the photo only says that is a signed Lithography
  14. I need help with this I want to buy for my girlfriend this Signed Lithography from lady Gaga store But I don't know what is a signed Lithograph. My question is what is exactly? It has the signature from lady Gaga? Or what?