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  1. So for Christmas I got a 500GB SSD for the sole purpose of changing out my windows boot drive to it. I have previously cloned my HDD to a new one and that worked great and I am willing to do it again, but this time around I want this drive to be just for windows and games and a few programs not all the 400 GB of programs/files/games/ I have. I know steam games are easy to move and have already moved games I want to stay safe to another drive. Basically my question is what is the easiest way to move to the SSD as a boot and game drive without reinstalling programs all day long. (i googled all day yesterday but couldn't find any recent topics discussing this)
  2. Found this on amazon and really want to know what is in this thing. Obviously its a scam but people in the reviews says it shows up as 1TB but isn't actually that big, and deletes old data as you put more on. But how does it show up as 1TB in the first place. Thought it could make an interesting video analyzing this little USB, and also maybe a PSA against scam products. https://www.amazon.ca/1TB-Mini-Flash-Drive-Memory
  3. Thanks for this suggestion. Never looked for a GT 1030 and it seems like it would work well looking at pictures on amazon.
  4. But it's so warm a cozy in your house.
  5. Its the top actually, and i didn't know if that was a good idea
  6. The board it self would have to be flipped, so that's why i'm wondering if this is a thing
  7. I'm looking for a GPU that is either flipped or has the fans on what would be the back side of regular GPU's. As you can see in the attached image i have very little space for any modern GPU.