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  1. So thanks both RKRiley and Glenwing. Looks like GSync is going to have to be the sacrifice on this, although given the Gold Phoenix I currently have doesn't have it either I guess i'm not necessarily losing out.... In which case - what are the best options for 4K with Displayport, HDMI and USBC (with charging) that will have decent gaming capability, ie 4k @60hz which is what I currently have. Thanks guys (y)
  2. Looks like I'm on a hiding to nothing for the moment then
  3. Looking for One Display To Rule Them All. Currently using two monitors - an Iiyama G-Master GB2888UHSU Gold Phoenix which is connected to gaming machine with a GTX980 through DisplayPort and a MacMini through HDMI and an Apple Thunderbolt Display used for MacBookPro. Since upgrading to the new MBP with only USBC's I am "frustrated" about lack of ability to charge without using the MBP power supply, so looking for options to replace both monitors with a single monitor capable of handling all three sources. 4K - 3840x2160 G Sync Displayport HDMI USB-C with charging (85w required?) Looking for something like the Acer Predator XB281HK but that is missing the USB-C connectivity. Minimum 28" screen size and circa £700 budget, although hoping to at least part fund the new purchase by offloading the other two. Not really considering the curved / ultrawides as these aren't "proper" 4K biut could be persuaded. Suggestions and recommendations gratefully received; if no such device exists please let me know! Thanks, Mik