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  1. GPD Pocket Review

    remember the Sony vaio p series? had one when i was at college, was the nerd king back then, loved the little thing still regret selling it
  2. Show off your latest purchase!

    i think it's cuz of this
  3. Show off your latest purchase!

    you do know how to live life, congrats!
  4. Show off your latest purchase!

    i'm pretty sure it's of internal affairs, which is the police and stuff but i'm so out of politics, for all i know those 2 could be the same
  5. Show off your latest purchase!

    on the front it reads "MVD", which is like ministry of the interior (KGB and stuff) on the face of the watch is the maker (Molnija) under that it says "15 kamienji" (15 stones/jewels) on the bottom is "sdelano v rossii" (made in russia) and on the back is what made me tingle it's a picture of kremlin (russian parliament) and the letters read "za zaslugi" (for merit) if it's real, you can just imagine some KGB guy getting it for some, probably morally questionable (at least that's what i imagine ), stuff he did all in all, nice find
  6. Show off your latest purchase!

    where did you get it? you know what it says on it? is it a replica, or a real deal? if real, price? i can read those letters and i know some russian, so i can translate it for you
  7. President Donald J Trump

    wut? you sure you quoted the right post?
  8. President Donald J Trump

    as an eastern european, where do you get the ideas that russia will attack us? most of the slavic countries have very good relationships with eachother, excluding croatia, but most of us get along pretty well, especially with russia russia recently had some military practices with serbia and belarus (i think, sure it was serbia) in serbia and i can't think there would be any hostility among us really ppl, i don't get it where you get this info, is western media really that bad?
  9. iPhone 7/7+ Review

    herro Brandon
  10. Show off your latest purchase!

    this beauty, the colours are mesmerising, can't stop looking at it

    the blade stealth, i really want something with 4k resolution
  12. ZTE AXON 7 Review

    so the performance is now measured in how much storage it has and durability by bend tests?
  13. ZTE AXON 7 Review

    what about the xiaomi mi5? it's half the price of this one and not half as bad
  14. Show off your latest purchase!

    new tyres, still bedding them in
  15. ZTE Axon 7 Giveaway

    is it just me or it totally looks like HTC?