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  1. I paid nothing for board, psu and gpu but 40 on 16 gb ddr3 and 30 on the cpu.
  2. Dammit man I was suspecting I would have to that maybe I can find the cheapest and that my board supports out of the box and update it. If not I guess I am saving for a new board.
  3. I need to update bio to support a new cpu for this board (fx-8120). My Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H REV 3.1 supports the fx processor but need an bios update. How do flash the updated bios with a no POST because of this reason? PC specs; Fx-8120 Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H REV 3.1 16 gb (2x8) ddr3 1866 Asus GTX 660 TI BFG 450 PSU I understand these arnt top specs parts but I am on a budget and the Veterans Affairs doesn't pay that much for my combat injures. So I do what I can with what skills I have. I have tried most if not all no post help pages to include running just one stick of ram, cpu/fans and psi hooked up to a screen.