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    Intel Core i7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG Strix z370-F GAMING
  • RAM
    16 GB G.skill TridentZ RGB
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 1080 Strix
  • Case
    NZXT S340
  • Storage
    WD Caviar Black 2tb, ADATA premier pro 256gb
  • PSU
    EVGA-Supernova G3 550w 80+gold
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    Dell - S2417DG 23.8" 2560x1440 165Hz
  • Cooling
    NZXT Kraken n62 REV 2

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  1. ok, so i got my old intel atom pc and solved the issue in 2 clicks lmao now its formatted into exfat and to its original capacity but thanks anyways
  2. welp nvm, already found my other drive and realized i do have a windows pc, its just somewhere im too lazy to go to, but thanks anyways ill fix this on that other pc later
  3. ok at this point i have no idea what mess my computer did on my drive, i need to convert this external hard drive to exfat in order to use it but the problem is, i think it was formated to ntfs, so i try to erase it using disk utility to at least mac os extended and it failed and now my drive is read s full and now im gwtting pop up saying it is not readable and its a mess, can anyone help me? i currently have no windows pc so im screwed rn, i tried tuxera and paragon but neither worked
  4. tl;dwwm: i have no tv, a mac and no job rn, i got an xbox 360 as gift before moving, can i use any 15 dollar hdmi input gateway monitor that i can perfectly afford in my current state to use that xbox 360 w/o issues after seeing some people complaining about incompatibility issues with windows 8 or some crap? or is there something specific i should look for to be sure it will be compatible when i have seen no one ever talk about the monitor, much less hook it up to a 9 year old xbox
  5. but it's violating ebay's terms and conditions
  6. yeah, just delete drivers BEFORE replacing grapgics cards
  7. wait..... is that teh buyer with a fake account?
  8. ugh...... so i was on a listing for a gtx 1080 (rog strix) and... this is why i hate ebay
  9. no, i'm not asking how to buy a pc, i'm wondering, how do you select the specific pieces you will use , by example, my first build had a msi gtx 1060 (i won at a giveaway) , since it's red and black, i had to choose the next parts (like case, motherboard, ram, etc) to match it (as long as they are on a reasonable price). so, do you do the same by centering on the piece you want the most and focusing around it? or you either use another straategy or by some reason, in 2018, you just don't care about color matching
  10. ok, so i HATE fortnite for... reasons no, it's not that i'm bad at it, but i have personal reasons for hating the game (and in a big part it's community) so, can i somehow blacklist the word "fortnite" on youtube and even better, google chrome unless i put in the specific link to that video? (since most fortnite videos that pop up in recommended are cringe worthy or down right unpleasant [while yes, some might be good, but most of the time it just pisses me off seeing people spend hundreds of dollars on a free game or seeing desperate attempts from epic games to try and attract public])
  11. (couldn't really find where tu put this so im gonna put it here{mods, move it at will}) so i have an iphone 6s, first, the lightning port sort of went bad, now to get a stable connection, i have to pull the cable to the right of the device, not much of a big deal, but a couple of days ago, the phone started to mess up, i'm not sure if it's just a coincidence, but this happened after i updated to ios 11.3, i'm using it, the phone is at 80% and it just turns off and ties to reset for 10 minutes, i plug it in and when it finallly turns on it's at 1%, then it started happening every time i used it, i would even have it plugged in right after it shut off, it also started stuttering (like it did when it was about to go out of battery). and just now did i notice the battery is inflating this leads me to believe it's a battery problem, but does anyone know if it's something else? like, logic board problem?