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    i5 8400
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz
  • GPU
    GTX 960 4gb
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    500gb Samsung 960 EVO
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    Bitfenix Whisper 650W
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    Windows 10
  1. Is it bad to run my GPU at max fan speed?

    Instead of putting it on max, try to find the point at which you get the biggest boost without temps going over the threshold you're comfortable with. If you're concerned about longevity then this should help a bit.
  2. Spilled broth on corsair rgb strafe

    I had a spill on a corsair keyboard once. The liquid doesn't evaporate well due to the confined space and can short connections for DAYS. Had the exact same problem with keys typing on their own so you can either wait and hope it fixes itself or take it apart before something corrodes, up to you. Like mentioned above though, it will probably void your warranty.
  3. Looking for a standalone numpad

    just wanted to see more pictures I'll have a look around anyway, thanks for your help!
  4. Looking for a standalone numpad

    Anything you could link me to if you don't mind? Or something to search for myself? I wanna get a good look at what looks I can get with this.
  5. Looking for a standalone numpad

    This covers everything I asked for, thanks. I'm having a bit of trouble deciphering some of the poor translations but it looks pretty decent. Have you used it before?
  6. Looking for a standalone numpad

    I got a TKL keyboard and wanted to couple it with a separate numpad, but I can't find many products from companies I recognise. I wanted to get some recommendations from you guys. I preferably want something wired, black, and with mechanical switches. Backlighting an optional bonus. Budget up to £50, but hoping to spend less. Thanks in advance.
  7. 1070 and 1070 ti in sli

    SLI support is dwindling recently, so I would suggest you sell your 1070 and buy a 1080/1080ti if you want to improve gaming performance. It'll be around the same price as a 1070 and 1070ti put together anyway.
  8. The stock cooler is more than enough, though if you want to keep noise levels down a cooler with a bigger heatsink will let the fan spin slower and therefore be quieter. Something cheap like the hyper 212x will do.
  9. Custom repeat delay

    I've set up custom keys on both my keyboard and mouse that I use for specific things. Some of the uses such as side scrolling would benefit from having no repeat delay to make the input more fluid, however the only settings I have found to eliminate it also transfer to every other key I use and then it's impossible to type on the keyboard or use the mouse normally. is there any way I can assign repeat delay to individual keys?
  10. Thermal pad recommendations

    I was looking to get your thoughts on the effectiveness of thermal pads as I've not seen much discussion about them. All I've heard is that Fujipoly seems to be one of the best brands but I wanna know what you guys think. I've also heard of coupling thermal pads with thermal paste to even out the surface of the pads in extreme situations - is it worth messing around with?
  11. Will Side Fans Help my Setup?

    The fans will divert the airflow and create more turbulence and could potentially increase temps ever so slightly. They won't be drawing any cool air in since they're internal but in an ideal world they could streamline airflow if they were blowing towards the back. If it's just for looks, the temps shouldn't matter much as the difference is minimal anyway. Have fun!
  12. Windows 10 installation error

    I reinstalled Windows in English rather than Polish and the problem with the screen going black persists but I can now fix it by putting the laptop to sleep and waking it up again (which I have to do every time I power it on). It's annoying but it works and I honestly have no clue what could be causing it. I can boot in safe mode if it'll help troubleshoot though, but I'm not sure what to look out for.
  13. For gaming, I'd suggest i3 8100. The single core performance is much better which most games love, so unless you have a specific need for 6 cores and 12 threads then the 4 cores of the i3 8100 will do you. It'll also need less expensive cooling and have a better upgrade path for gaming.
  14. Windows 10 installation error

    A few days ago I updated my Medion akoya E6221 laptop from Win 7 to Win 10. Everything worked fine for two days but then I got the following problem: When I turn the laptop on, it boots, then goes through the Win 10 logo screen, and then the screen is displayed as full black with no cursor. It stays like that for hours if I let it, with no signs of doing anything. If it doesn't go black (50/50 chance), it'll go into recovery mode and attempt to recover which will end up unsuccessful. I reinstalled Windows 10 and the display along with everything else worked fine during the installation process, but once it boots into Windows it goes blank again. I also wiped the HDD completely through the recovery options but I was at work while it was completing (it took a few hours) and when I came back nothing had been deleted. I would re-install Win 7 but unlike Win 10, Microsoft doesn't have the OS that I can download without having a product key. I don't want to spend money on something I'm not sure will work. Any advice?
  15. I have a gigabyte board I used the gigabyte v-tuner on to set all 6 cores of my locked i5 8400 to the max boost clock (4ghz) but it was unstable and janky as hell. Maybe with some tweaking on similar software you'll have better luck, but I didn't think it was worth the hassle (or even possible) to get stability at 4ghz when all cores turbo to 3.8 out of the box anyway. Edit - I'm not sure if it was v-tuner, easytune, or Intel Extreme Tuning Utility that I used. Most of the utility stuff for my mobo was bloatware which I didn't want to keep around. It's one of these if you want to find out more: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z370-AORUS-Ultra-Gaming-rev-10#support-dl