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  • CPU
    i5 8400
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz
  • GPU
    GTX 960 4gb
  • Storage
    500gb Samsung 960 EVO
  • PSU
    Bitfenix Whisper 650W
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. A1Mike_W

    Cooling a gpu to get better undervolt?

    My problem is gpu boost 3.0 and the auto overclock it does once my card is already undervolted. At 1v I can run a stable 2ghz but due to the undervolt the temps drop and once the temps drop the boost feature overclocks my card past the stable threshold. I don't know of a way to disable that boost but I was hoping to cool the card with a morpheus cooler to hopefully circumvent it in that way?
  2. I know undervolting helps with keeping the card cool and hence it's difficult to find the opposite on google - I want to cool my card more to achieve a lower stable voltage. Will lowering the temps help with stability at lower voltages? I've got a 1080ti if that changes the answer.
  3. A1Mike_W

    Multiple monitor setup mouse troubles

    Not always. Might just be the DDMM acting up but I've had the mouse wonder out of fullscreen apps before, hence why I was looking for an alternative
  4. A1Mike_W

    Multiple monitor setup mouse troubles

    Not just sizing windows, stuff like finding the scroll bar, changing tabs, or any button around the edge like show desktop etc. I could learn shortcuts for these but I would still have problems with things like my mouse wondering while I'm playing a game which would tab me out of it so I want to find a better solution
  5. I recently got hold of a few old monitors and plugged them all in to try out. Never done anything like this before so apologies in advance if this is a stupid question but: What program could I use to stop the mouse from changing screens without an intentional input from me? I use the edges of my monitors a lot to navigate around and having to consciously stop before reaching the edge is really putting me off the whole experience. Just want something to stop that from happening so I can switch what screen I interact with at will. I've tried DDMM and found that it's too buggy to achieve consistent results.
  6. A1Mike_W

    2 Noctua Fans on a GTX 1080ti // Results

    You tried repasting the gpu die? There's not a single GPU i've repasted that didn't drop 5-20c, even the "high-end" cards I'd expect to have good paste. Would be nice to see how much of an improvement you see coupled with this mod
  7. £350-450 seems a safe bet considering the age of components and friend discount. +1 for the new PSU through, I would absolutely recommend shelling out a solid amount on something reliable. He could sell the current PSU to partially cover the cost but there isn't a big market for used PSU's especially of that tier.
  8. A1Mike_W

    PCI-E x8 w/ 1080 Ti - Limiting Potential?

    Gamers Nexus did a video on this a while back. We're only just approaching the limits of x8 with dual Titan V. Your 1080ti will be fine.
  9. A1Mike_W

    1280x1024 ultra gaming in 2018

    gtx 1050ti or gtx 960 4gb does the job. Ultra options are a scam anyway, barely any visual improvements but very hard to run. At that low resolution you wont be able to see most of the 'ultra' effects, and I'm speaking from experience having the exact same setup with a 960.
  10. A1Mike_W

    GPU only using 40% power while getting only 45 FPS

    I can't find the specs for your screen anywhere but if by chance your display is 90hz and you're got half-rate adaptive vsync on then you'll be capped at 45fps. It's unlikely but worth a shot.
  11. A1Mike_W

    Weird graphics card boot fan behavior

    I had a similar problem with my 960, turned out my fan controller on the GPU was acting up. When the fan speed was below 43% the fan would speed up like crazy and the card would refuse to work so I had to manually set afterburner fan curve to be at least 43% at all times. In my case it was a symptom of dying components but the card is still holding up strong a few months later and 43% isn't audible so it's not as bad as it could've been. If you want to troubleshoot I'd do a clean install of drivers and make sure you have programs like afterburner turned off and report back on the results. A random restart followed by full functionality can mean shorts and grounding issues, so check for that as well.
  12. A1Mike_W

    Is it bad to run my GPU at max fan speed?

    Instead of putting it on max, try to find the point at which you get the biggest boost without temps going over the threshold you're comfortable with. If you're concerned about longevity then this should help a bit.
  13. A1Mike_W

    Spilled broth on corsair rgb strafe

    I had a spill on a corsair keyboard once. The liquid doesn't evaporate well due to the confined space and can short connections for DAYS. Had the exact same problem with keys typing on their own so you can either wait and hope it fixes itself or take it apart before something corrodes, up to you. Like mentioned above though, it will probably void your warranty.
  14. A1Mike_W

    Looking for a standalone numpad

    just wanted to see more pictures I'll have a look around anyway, thanks for your help!
  15. A1Mike_W

    Looking for a standalone numpad

    Anything you could link me to if you don't mind? Or something to search for myself? I wanna get a good look at what looks I can get with this.