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    Asus x299 Prime Deluxe
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    32GB Geil Super Luce (4GB x 8)
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    Evga Gtx 1080ti FTW3
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    Thermaltake View x71
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    Dual 950 Pro's 512GB x 2
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    Corsair K65
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    Win 10

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  1. what do you have for rgb/fan peripherals? i had an issue with my hue not allowing my pc to boot(something to do with the usb 2.0) is ur case s.m.a.r.t. and are u using it? hue? grid? commander? might be best to unplug those devices introducing one at a time until you find the one thats causing issues?
  2. thats about where im at now, just seeing if anyone else has had the problem or a suggestion that i haven't thought of...i bought it off of hardware swap so not entirely sure about the RMA process
  3. So i have an itx build that has given me issues a couple times while swapping hardware. first time i want to say the cpu led debug light came on and i found out the cpu pcb corner was bent, with a pliers and cloth I straightened it out and then it worked. Thats what i originally contributed the issues to. Issues this time started with the water cooler light not coming on nor the fan connected to the cpu fan header coming on. I swapped 3 different working psu's, 2 other sets of ram, swapped the previously bent 7600k for a 7700k & a 6600k, several different gpu's, 3 different coolers. After clearing cmos and unplugging the battery the cpu fan header started working and the water cooler comes on/led light comes on. Still no post or debug led lights. gpu, cpu, and fan headers are constantly on. no video from external gpu or integrated...i am about at my wits end here....if anyone has any suggestions, my only other thought now is testing psu to motherboard connections with a voltmeter.
  4. i had the 8pin + 4pin for the CPU...i figured it out...theres two switches for LN2 OCing that were switched on...they lower your clock...i couldnt find ANYTHING on the internet...thanks
  5. So, I sold this motherboard to someone so I have no idea what kind of tinkering they were doing with the BIOS but eventually his motherboard was stuck at 1.2Ghz, so i traded him a different mobo/processor and I'm currently trying to troubleshoot it before I resell it to someone. BIOS is updated to current version. BIOS is set to default and still stays throttled/ underclocked. Going to try resetting CMOS right now...any suggestions are welcome.
  6. i believe if you pick sata, itll use up two of the sata ports (5 & 6?, consult manual) and if you pick pcie itll chew up some of your pci lanes...your motherboard manual should have more information on this
  7. let us know what happens when ur cpu arrives
  8. completely forgot about the wpa2 encryption issue
  9. you probably dont even need something THAT powerful
  10. i have an ipod touch and just use wifi at restaurants and stores. No monthly phone bill. My son pulled recycled galaxy S out of the recycling bin at best buy(with permission of course) and the battery is still great on it
  11. Computers are notorious for trolling its builders, you can try 1 stick of ram in every slot, then try the other stick of ram in every slot. The best way to figure out the problem is to have a bunch of spare parts to swap out to see which one is acting up. First could you list every part of your build so we can double check compatibility?
  12. ReezyJeezy


    Is it new or have u used it before? It connects via dongle? Operating System? One page says only windows 7 & 8 is supported, another adds windows 10...i would personally try manually downloading the driver: http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/living-room-keyboard-k830/downloads#windowsPnlBar does your laptop have bluetooth that the keyboard could be trying to connect to instead of using its dongle?