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  1. I just set up my build: 2600x on a b450 mobo. When I open ryzenmaster the EDC (CPU) -I have no idea what it means- is in red or yellow always over 90%, sometimes as much as 98%, on mostly idle tasks. Is this a problem? If so, how can i fix it?
  2. So while cleaning up my laptop I accidentally broke the ribbon cable (fcc 12 pin) that connected the touchpad to the motherboard. After installing a new one, bought from ebay, the computer wouldn't turn on. When removed, the pc starts up normally. Is the cable damaged? Why would something like that happen, aren't these cable standardized? Thank you for your help
  3. Torrents not seeding?

    yes I know it isn't allowed. What difference does it make anyway, I made a question about how p2p works, indipendently of what one might use it for.
  4. I have no problem downloading, there's usually plenty of bandwidth (luckily) but when the download is done most torrent don't seed as much, sometimes staying very low in upload speed despite having a very good internet connection that could upload much faster. Why is that?
  5. I want to switch to an ssd for my old laptop (and maybe I'll use the old hdd for backup or media storage). I also would like to be able to use the eSATA port on my pc, both for cloning the ssd (i'm not really into the idea of installing windows from scratch) and then reusing the hdd. The laptop only has usb 2.0 and I was hoping to be able to speed up the process a little bit. Do you guys know any 2.5" HDD case that uses esata connection? Thank you EDIT: looks like there's a difference between esata and esatap, mine is the latter (it's the one where you can plug in both esata and usb in the same port right?) I don't know if this changes anything, just letting you know
  6. I'm planning on buildin a ryzen sistem with a 1600x on a msi b350m mortar mobo. I know that there are usually problem with memory with the bios version the mobo ships with (i found a cheap corsair 16 gb single stick 3000 mhz and bought it, probably should have thought of incompatibility first) . I was wondering if it was possible to flash the bios without memory, just with a usb stick, on this particular motherboard or if there are any alternatives to this possible issue. I don't want to freak out too much when it won'tn't post basically. In case it is possible to flash it with just the usb, how would one go about to do so? Thank you very much
  7. Just wondering if it's worth waiting for ryzen 2 (5 series) or i might as well go for a 1600 now
  8. Credit to Brandon Thonen (@hiperfin) for the egregious gif

  9. Hey everybody! So, I'm planning a build and I'm not sure what cpu to implement in my build. Here are the options: A Ryzen 1600 Ryzen 1600x Waiting for Ryzen + to come out, even though I don't think this is actually an option as i plan on building sooner than April. I'm sold on the ryzen side because it's cheaper, doesn't require a stock cooler basic OC (source: pcpartpicker) and I have a used graphic card that I can use with it so i wouldn't benefit from integrated graphics in a period where buying a decent card requires setting up a mortgage. The real race here is between the 1600 and 1600x: is the performance (also projected in the future, I'd rather not change processor in 2 years) worth the 30€ (35ish bucks) difference? Thank you very much in advance
  10. No Post Ryzen

    Mobo: MSI b350m gaming proCPU: Ryzen 5 1600Memory: 1x16 gb corsair vengeance led (found it oem new on ebay)GPU: amd HD 5850. All the fans are spinning but the monitor is receveing no input. I have different results if i plug in one, the other, or both gpu pcie cable (recorded everything (sorry for portrait mode)) if i plug in 1 pcie to the gpu i get the 2 bug lights above (cpu+ram) if i plug in the other i get none, but still no post if i plug in both i get the 2 bug lights and the gpu fan spin slower and quieter. If i take the gpu out and go for vga (though i guess with ryzen this shouldn't work) i get no debug lights, and no post. Also notice that when i go to short the power off the fan speed changes and the memory bug light turns on and off, though this may happen because I accidentaly touch other pins (it doesn't do it when I plug in the power header to turn it off more easily). I also tried changing the stick position to the other slot but no difference. I don't have any other stick of ram to try on, and no other computer to test the single parts, i guess i could go to a random electronics shop but i bought the parts on amazon so it's not exactly sure they'll helpIt's my first time and it's getting pretty confusing. thank you in advance for your help
  11. Hi everybody, a simple question: will opening up a laptop (hp pavilion x360 14-ba000nl) to insert an additional storage device void the warranty? And is there any way they can find out if I did?
  12. so guys i bought a corsair 350d obsidian and it comes with a front facing 140mm fan and a rear 120mm fan. I would like to achieve positive pressure so that dust doesnt get sucked in too much (yes i have dust filters). Will the size difference (140 vs 120) be able to provide sufficient difference in air flow or should i get another fan to get the air in?
  13. Hi everybody, I've found an interesting offer on 16 gb of 3000 Mhz RAM (like these). They're in good condition (claims the seller). The only thing that bugs me is why he's selling them: he says it is because they're not compatible with his mobo (a MSI X370 Gaming Plus) but work perfectly on a friends computer running an i7700k. My build would use a msi b350m gaming pro mobo and a ryzen 5 1600. Is there any risk for incompatibility here? PS He claims "not all 3000mhz ram are the same, so the fact that a mobo supports ram up to 3200Mhz [his does] doesn't mean that that ram will run at 3000Mhz, it depens on the compatibility between the two components". Is there any truths to this?
  14. See this thread (special thanks to @dogc_kyle, who helped out a lot) for clarity, but basically we're trying to upgrade a notebook that has an m.2 base storage that we would like to expand with an hdd or ssd since there is a free 2.5" bay. We were wondering wether the above chipset (pentium 4415u) would support such expansion or not. Thank you very much in advance for your help.
  15. Buying an expansion for sister laptop

    Thank you very much for the help! I'm actually buying an ssd anyway (building a pc myself this time around) so i might be able to use mine, see if it detects it and plan accordingly. I'm trying to find the rubber sleeve on amazon but nothing useful shows up. Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords, but I'm only finding 2.5" to 3.5" adapters.