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  1. Thank you for actually answering my question, I litterally said in the title I need it for streaming only, no gaming. It's really a debate between an i5 7200u (2c/4t with hyperthreading) or Ryzen 2500u (4c/8t) but I see your point.
  2. Budget (including currency): as low as possible, less than 500€ Country: Italy Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Streaming video 1080p 30fps 6000Kbps Other details: My parish is looking for a streaming pc and they contacted me as I'm the most experienced. I was wondering wether I could get away with a 2 cores 4 threads cpu for streaming 1080p30 video through obs from an ip camera. I suggested a minipc that we could bolt next to the audio mixer, set it up with peripherals and be done with it (they wanted to buy a laptop but connecting and disconnecting it ev
  3. my only guess is a faulty motherboard, really sorry bud, try to refund it and get a new one?
  4. I can only suggest you try them one at a time in each slot, reset cmos and see if it always gives you the same error. If this doesnt work it's either not compatible with the motherboard (check compatibility in the manual, memory is weird) or the motherboard might be broken. Best of luck mate
  5. yeah sounds like the problem is not the gpu or the gpu then, are you sure the ram stick are functional? Are they supported? did you seat them correctly?
  6. Look for some kind of codes as modern mobos usually have some way of telling you what's going on, this one should have an led screen telling you codes. Does it light up? Do the fans spin? EDIT: actually it should have 4 debug lights near the 24 pin connector (cpu, dram, vga and boot) do they light up?
  7. Budget (including currency): about 400€ Country: Italy Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Streaming 1080p/30fps 6000kbps Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): It'll be used for streaming to Youtube only, no gaming, video input will be through an external video switch. Just need it to encode and transmit. How many cores do I need? I was looking at a budget 3200g (even a used one) so I wouldn't have to integrate g
  8. I was looking for an upgrade on my storage and I thought I might as well go for an NVMe ssd, as they are much more reasonably priced as of recently. Amazon suggested the 980 non pro version of its m.2 NVMe ssd which had very few reviews and lookes "slimmer" in the pictures. Now it's really hard to look for info on this product because they (shadily?) dropped the "evo" suffix from their consumer level ssd, so any google lookup yielded useless results about the 980 pro. I found this article from hexus and this one from pcgamesn. They removed DRAM. I loved samsung cause I could trust them to be t
  9. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a tp link mesh wifi (a deco e4 if it helps) in order to extend the range of my wifi router/modem combo. The set up was pretty easy since it was guided by the very accessible app that comes with the product. Now most devices in my home are connected to the mesh system (we even turned off the original wifi) except for my desktop that has an ethernet connection to the router. I've been playing around with the settings and came across one that specifies the operating mode for the network (see image): it can be set to router or access point mode. I originally se
  10. How can i replace the optical drive on my old laptop? it's a pavilion dv6 2141-sl. I was wondering if I could but a replacement that is not an official one, just one the same size
  11. Hey guys! I'm hearing that I'm gonna have to update my old laptop (2010, still has some life left in it after I reconditioned it with an ssd) from win7 to win10. I'm having problems installing the OS: the bios doesnt seem to recognize USB as an interface it can boot from and my old sata optical drive (the one inside the laptop chassis) has kicked the bucket. Is there any way I can install the win10.iso without buying a new sata optical drive? btw I'd have a hard time connecting that anyway because the sata connector is inside the chassis Thanks for your help!
  12. Is a hair drier enough to melt the glue on the screen of a mobile phone? I have to replace the screen on a redmi 5 plus and to do so I would have to use a heat gun, which I don't have, is a hair drier going to be enough?
  13. US, So basically it is useless to switch motherboard, because even if they were compatible it wouldn't pick up the signal...