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  1. I'm trying to build a new system with an AMD ryzen5 2600 and wanna use GALAX GeForce GTX 1660 Super 1-Click OC 6GB GDDR6 just cant find a good motherboard which can support this generation cards. could use help.
  2. tried it but is too confusing after that to fix
  3. i play paladins. when i start game it loads up and then a popup shows untrustedfile easyanticheat /system32/dwmapi.dll. with code 0xc0000142. i tried reinstalling game fully and tried to repair the anticheat service. plz help
  4. we all know high dpi is not needed but which dpi is mostly used and to be considered as standard as 1600 dpi sensors are not enough for companies they release high dpi mouse sensors with less quality switches and combo them with crappy headsets as the steelseries ones and sell them.why? cant they improve on the quality of headsets and mouse. is a normal free mouse that is offered with a combo purchase with a computer worth to use for gaming?
  5. is it possible to combine the compute power of 2 different computers with different motherbords, ram , etc to perform a same task and combining the result to show on a single screen like[ playing a GAME WITH HELP OF 2 DIFFERENT COMPUTERS AND ONE MONITER ] . if possible how? [this is not a joke] and [ ignoring cost of electricity and heat output, etc ]
  6. what would it be like when we get storage with speed of cpu cache
  7. BluuStorm

    xbox one x

    how to use keyboard and mouse on xbox one x?
  8. how to improve or start to learn xbox one x controller.tips and tricks and what to practice?
  9. why apples trackpads are heaven when compared to windows laptops and how can they be improved
  10. can we cool a desktop cpu by using a long copper pipe [not hollow pipe] flatten its ends and coil the middle of pipe and connect the ends to cpu using a custom cpu bracket and some thermal paste.After connecting the copper tube dipping it in a bucket of cold water.
  11. what happens if you use a bigger 3700mhr battery in a smartphone as an alternative to the provided battery with the phone such as a 2700mhr battery? will the phone be damaged or cause any problem?