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  1. I live in the UK and am currently on a contract with TalkTalk and their faster Fibre Optic speed boost deal. This is supposed to give an average of 63 Mbps and can possibly give upwards of 80 Mbps but I'm currently only getting 54 Mbps, even when using ethernet. Is it possible that this is the routers fault or is it just because of where I live? If it is the router, what router can I get that will get me the higher speeds?
  2. Problem is I don't see how it could be a problem with the headphones because when I press play and the video is fully loaded, it will start the audio like normal but the video won't actually start for another second. Sometimes it is less extreme and not too noticeable but recently there has been some pretty big delays. I can try other headphones at some point and see if this is still the case.
  3. I've tried this to no avail. It's on YouTube, Twitch, Netflix etc. pretty much any video. It doesn't happen all the time but it is very frequent. I've tried using Opera and Chrome and the problem persists on both.
  4. When I play a video on browser (not sure if this problem is isolated to browser, don't have any videos on my PC), as soon as I press play the audio starts but it takes 1 or 2 seconds for the video to start and this creates a 1 or 2 second desync between the audio and video which is very noticeable. Is this a known issue or is it a niche one? I thought it might be something to do with my internet but I've never had this problem before up until a couple of weeks ago. The only thing that has changed in my setup is that I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD6XX's in replacement for my Logitech G633's. Any help or tips are appreciated!
  5. Its just that it only started happening since I got the headphones, was fine with my old Logitech ones
  6. I just got the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD6XX and have audio quality set to 24 bit, 48000Hz and ever since I got them, audio has started to desync with the video I'm watching. I mostly watch Twitch streams and after like 10 minutes the audio ends up playing 1 second before the video does and it progressively gets worse. This happens with youtube videos too. Is there any fix for this?
  7. Yeah I think I will wait until I have the headphones and use them for a couple of weeks then decide.
  8. Problem is that shipping from the US costs so much in tax and duty that it puts me off buying them, I'm already paying a sizeable chunk to get the headphones. That Atom is really tempting me though.
  9. I just ordered the HD 6XX's from Massdrop and I don't know whether or not I should buy an amp/DAC. I really have little idea about audio as a whole but I'm pretty sure I understand the bare minimum. If I were to get an amp/DAC I wouldn't want to spend anything over £200 so something like £100 for amp and £100 for DAC. I could just get an amp like the Schiit Magni for £110. I just want to make sure that I don't get an amp that can't power my headphones My motherboard is the Asus ROG Strix Z370-E so I'd be using that as the DAC if I just got an amp. Any recommendations are welcome
  10. Yeah Overwatch does have that option, I tried it but still get the three dot issue. My screen is 1440p 165hz so I just lock it at 165hz. I have updated the Nvidia drivers like 3 or 4 times, last time I did I did a clean installation too.
  11. Ever since the most recent windows 10, my FPS on Overwatch (which before the windows 10 update was constantly at 300) now has the three dots next to the fps counter and now my fps flickers from 120-250 constantly, it is never stable. I just want to know if this was because of the windows 10 update or if there is something else causing the issue. The three dots, I've been told, are to do with rendering things in game so that is most likely the issue. Specs: CPU: i7 8700k GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1080ti O11GB MB: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E Power Supply: Corsair RM850i RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB 16GB DDR4-3466
  12. That seems to have worked for now. Hopefully it stays working though.
  13. Just updated the bios, didn't work. Gonna do windows now.
  14. Which should I do first, the bios update or reinstalling windows? What is the reason for reinstalling windows?
  15. Sorry for being so stupid, but would I just boot from the USB drive with the temp windows on it or would I have to do something else?