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  1. thx u helped a lot all good now
  2. it work! when I do twice.. but! some application no let me that option of Change Icon like its blanked know what I mean? like corsair link no let and Intel XTU
  3. Hey all... like allways when I'm getting in trouble with something I come here where all of the biggest brains stand my problem now is about Icons(Games,Programs) when I first install them I can see the Logo/Photo/Icon but after some boots fresh or moving to other folder the logo of the installed file turn to like a white page icon its not with all of them but some.. even Asus aura and corsair link don't show me the picture now only a white page... but important to say its a working program after all without any problem I'm using windows 10 if any info will be needed I can suplly it Thx to all and best regards hope to hear only good things ...
  4. I think ill combine some blurays with another 2x 4tb HDD I'm gonna put the discs right after burn into a discs case so I don't think they gonna get scarthes too much but nothing for sure and nothing last for ever so ill get external bluray when I find one close to me and my first step is to buy 4tb Asap cuz I'm running out of storage place thx for your help and advices I really took some in mind man best regards...
  5. Well hey all.. I wanna do a compare for 2 different same brand hardware... The first pair is Intel i7 7700k and Asus strix z270E The other pair is Intel i7 7800x and Asus strix X299E I'm talking about the everyday using like gaming watching movies and search the internet.. Is there a big difference? not for video editing that I'm not into it right now maybe in 3 4 years more I hope to get the latest hardware then.. well I'm happy with what I got(first pair) and its important I just wanna know if theres a huge different for the using I mentiond.. Thx and best regards to all...
  6. thx I got your point.. but how much drives I can use at same time? I'm using z270e strix asus motherboard and 400c corsair case that hold 3x 3.5 and 3x 2.5 also have 2x m.2 slots.. are you talking about external drive base? (nas) how it works? thx a lot man..
  7. Zowie BenQ LED XL2430 I got this one and its pretty good and not that expensive
  8. I think the cpu itself graphics is better than 8800gtx am I wrong?
  9. Hey all... I wanna storage my downloaded tv series at burned discs But I found the capability of the normal discs is too low like 4.8GB What I found more suitable to me is the Bluray discs that are 50GB Can I burn Bluray(50gb) disc with a normal DVD burner (The usual normal one) Or I need to pay extra more for the Bluray burner The problem is my case doesn't support 5.25 drive bay so I need external one and I cant find one selling right now... Thx all..
  10. thx man can you explain me more about how they gonna work? specific speeds? gonna be lower than the box says? srry I'm not so into all the pc information..
  11. Hello all. I want to get a new hard drive for my games. its type M.2 2280 Corsair MP500 240gb. Another M.2 2280 I got is Intel 600p 245gb. My motherboard is Asus Strix z270E I'm using windows 10 home 64bit My question is if my motherboard can support them both work at the same time without any problems. Thx for the helpers...
  12. this soundcard is worth about 200$ and I cant see that dts mentioned am I wrong? \ https://www.asus.com/Sound-Cards/STRIX-RAID-DLX/specifications/
  13. https://www.asus.com/Sound-Cards/STRIX-RAID-DLX/overview/ will this sound card answer the problem of 5.1 optical?
  14. well can u give me illustration for the difference between aux and optic cables quality at sound? cuz I think ill go the analog way with aux
  15. can you tell me why optic cable will work for music and movies and not with games? thx got the 3.5mm cable solved.. and if u can help me get the 5.1 for all somehow with optic cable cuz I heard it got better sound quality without getting new sound card also my mobo not so old I don't know why I cant play 5.1 at optic cable maybe u skipped the details or they sold me crappy mobo xDD