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  1. Dekstop Files help

    it worked but I think I did mistake now the whole (-d) is the desktop not just some folders any help?
  2. Dekstop Files help

    and having the whole desktop on (-D) isn't possible? Users\[username]\Desktop folder.
  3. Dekstop Files help

    Hey all My problem is this: when I'm downloading files to my big storage (HDD 2TB (-D) ) it goes there all fine But when I Cut and Copy to the Dekstop its automatically goes to the OS storage (m.2 ssd 250gb (-c) ) so I cut paste the files/folders etc.. from the (-C) Dekstop/User folder to the big drive (-D) but then its disappear from the Dekstop and I don't want ShortCuts to the desktop just the originals Files and Folders to be showing at the desktop while they storage at the big storage (-D) While the OS still boot from the SSD (-C) Hope to solve it thx all and have a good weekend
  4. Gtx 1060 stopped working

    when I look back on the posts I can tell its not a motherboard,cable,pins,pcie I don't know man the only thing I can think of is that ur card died somehow I feel very bad for you and don't know how to help
  5. Best mechanical keyboard under 150

    I recommend Logitech new gaming keyboards
  6. GTX 1050Ti or RX 560

    I advice to buy the rx560 cuz as much as I know 1050ti cant go sli(like 750ti? :3) and with rx560 u can go crossfire at future
  7. oc my gpu

    System spec: Intel i7 7700k 4.2ghz Asus strix 1070 8gb ram 16gb 2133mhz liquid h100i v2 how much I can take my gpu to the limit? and if I need to oc my cpu? and how much my gpu voltage% should be on?
  8. Gtx 1060 stopped working

    look at the connecting pins do they look good? maybe when u pushed it out it got damaged but if ur fans spin it mean it get power so it probally programming problem but maybe just ur cable?
  9. VRAM VID GPU usage

    enjoy ur meal try back later I need u moree
  10. VRAM VID GPU usage

    I go to global setting?
  11. VRAM VID GPU usage

    this I don't know how also how to get 144mhz pls help
  12. VRAM VID GPU usage

    I did some updates at NVidia exp and now I got control panel
  13. VRAM VID GPU usage

    I cant find that NVidia panel . I need to download it?
  14. VRAM VID GPU usage

    DP to DP