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  1. For the past two years or so, I've been using AT&T's Buyasession Prepaid plan as our households home internet, being in the boonies, Dialup was our only other option. All this currently runs off a Nighthawk M1 Hotspot, the best I could get when it came out. Recently AT&T took the closest tower offline permanently, Leaving us connected to a Band 2 tower than has an average of 120dBm. The speeds are fine, but the ping can spike terribly and the connection drops in anything other than perfect weather. I've been looking into solutions, but the Antennae options seem terribly overpriced for what seems to be a fairly straightforward DIY project, as long as you're willing to get down and dirty with the math. Is there anyone else that has had to deal with my situation? Some advice in general would be welcome. -Thanks, Ron
  2. How new is this Mini-STX standard? you can hardly expect an existing cooler to work on a brand new motherboard standard