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  1. I agree! if Microsoft is honestly committed to good code and more importantly a culture of quality / security, that's exactly what should be done if need be. They tell the world we're going to spend the $$ to do what's right, that's the value proposition...
  2. LMG does didn't they say it in the last WAN Show? But let's be honest, small not tech savvy companies are the most at risk because they don't probably can't afford IT teams that control the masses with draconian IT policies...
  3. Skype can't fix a nasty security bug without a massive code rewrite The bug grants a low-level user access to every corner of the operating system. By Zack Whittaker for Zero Day | February 12, 2018 -- 21:28 GMT (13:28 PST) | Topic: Security source: http://www.zdnet.com/article/skype-cannot-fix-security-bug-without-a-massive-code-rewrite/ I feel that there are so many ways into systems now, that you have to assume that you are on an insecure system, unless you know it's secure. For personal it's one thing, but as someone who has sensitive embargoed designs comes across his desk, I get a little worried about the business disruptions, and industrial espionage opportunities. Even more alarming is this it's too hard to fix, and we're all doomed to getting hacked anyway mentality this seems to be evlolving... Even Linus says he uses Skype...
  4. CMYKninja

    MacBook Pro and an eGPU... Is it just stupid?

    Certainly building my own small form factor system is something I can do nicely and for great value for $700-$1000 USD., but that would be a 100% investment to what would essentially be a dedicated gaming rig... Excellent point about CPU thermals and overtaxing a MBP... something I'd hope Apple built in some safeguards for? I didn't mention this above, but as my screen name suggests, I am also a Large Format Print Designer, by day and a dev at night, and although the rendering (CPU) tasks aren't as hardcore as video editing, I do have challenges being able to work from home on art that's huge in size and graphics, and even maybe the occasional FCP project. So if they're not a good value for someone like me ( MBP user, space limited, not too price sensitive, not hardcore gamer ). Who are they designed for then? Especially if the economics just don't make sense, is it risky to invest in something that may suddenly loose support because no one uses them? Sometimes as a Mac user I just don't feel the love from LTT...
  5. I know, I know it's a Mac why bother.... but I need some help to answer this... Let's assume: 1. I already own a new 15" MacBook Pro TB3 and in the future will continue to do so... (I'm a developer it's a must for the type of dev I do...) 2. I don't have the physical space for another computer system but could maybe fit the size of an eGPU or a very Small Form Factor PC... 3. I'm not a hardcore gamer (obviously) and am unlikely to become a Twitch gaming super star.. Using an LG 34UM88-P TB2 IPS Display... Which I confess I bought because I liked the size for code and it had Thunderbolt 2. My questions are thus: - is an eGPU (which i buy once) and a decent ( 1070ti ) or comparable graphics card even sort of a reasonable buy? I mean i could install boot camp and buy a copy of windows (which I need to do anyway). - If it is then WHEN? Is a good time to do it? [ Now, Spring, Next MBP release ]. ( given Intel's CPU nonsense, and crazy graphics card prices and general eGPU support). When I'm at home I dock my laptop into my LG TB Display anyway, and will continue to do so (a la the Old Mac Thunderbolt display way). - or - is Mac gaming just plain stupid and for I'd be better off with a Zotac or Corasir One or something small like that... I'm sick of living vicariously through twitch streams. But honestly I don't have time to game much and it's hard to rationalize the expense of an Windows only system that I may seldom use... Thanks guys!