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    Anything PC related. More so hardware than software though. Hmm... I guess I might as well say MTG too. Although I rarely get a chance to hang out with my friends so I don't play it a ton anymore.
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    College Custodian


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    4790k OC 4.8ghz 1.28v
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    ASUS Maximus Formula VII
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    Crucial Ballistix Tacical 16gb (4x4)
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    2x Galaxy 780 HoF w/ EK waterblocks in parallel
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    Enthoo Primo
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    WD 1TB, Seagate 500GB, Kingston SSD 240GB, Kingston SSD 120GB
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    EVGA Supernova 1000w Gold
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    ASUS VG248QE and 32" Vizio
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    Apogee XL, 2x 780 HoF waterblocks, 2x alphacool monsta rads in push/pull
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    Microsoft Sidewinder X4

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me........ I threw the amazonbasics hdmi cable on the floor, grabbed my playstation 4 hdmi cable, just out of curiosity to see if it would work. and yup, it comes right on. This is the FOURTH time an amazonbasics cable of some type has failed on me.
  2. Just bought a Samsung 4K tv. My PC is detecting the TV, but there is no display/signal coming through the TV. GPU is a 780 HoF, which is HDCP compatible. Uninstalled then reinstalled drivers. On the back of TV, I've tried HDMI 1 port, which says "STB/DVI". I've tried the HDMI 2 port which says MHL, I've tried HDMI 4, which says nothing. I've ignored the 3rd HDMI port cause it says "ARC", which I'm pretty sure is not what I need. Ideas?
  3. CRAP. Well, let me hope it'll do well for 1440p
  4. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding between an R9 390 or Fury. I'll be custom watercooling either one, so just not sure which has more potential @Numbafieve I might just go with a 390 then, and overclock that bad boy as much as I can. Could eventually get a second one as well
  5. Admittedly I haven't been keeping up with the Fury launch. I thought I remember them saying the voltage was locked at release Was I drunk then? Are they totally overclockable now?
  6. @Praesi @SirRoderick Appreciate you looking out for me. Few months I'm also going to upgrade to an R9 Fury. Think I'm done with nvidia for a while.
  7. Was actually leaning towards the Acer. I've bought plenty of ASUS hardware in the past, but some reason I keep hearing anecdotes of people with really bad bleed or glow. Very poor quality control.
  8. It's come down to these two, and I'm indecisive on which one to get. I'm sure they're not much different for IPS visuals, so I suppose I should ask what the level of backlight bleed or glow you have on yours.
  9. The 2400mhz is incredibly appealing for an APU system. Always wanted to build one of those...
  10. Actually good point. I want to support AMD anyway. Also I want to try AMD as well
  11. @Comic_Sans_MS would it be unwise to use a g3258 cpu as a substitute? or should I really go for 4 cores
  12. Yea sorry all, I should've been a lot more clear on how extremely casual my dad is on his PC. Check the news, check yahoo stories (apparently people still go to yahoo lol) plays some solitaire. His installed programs list is super minimal, also he's still on Windows XP, his monitor is an old crt one too hah!! Although this isn't to say that I hope I get my dad more and more interested in PC, then I can slowly upgrade over time. That'd be awesome.
  13. Perfect. Exactly what he needs. Appreciate the help of everyone else, but you're overestimating what my Dad does. He doesn't even know what "Tabs" are in a browser. 250gb hdd is more than enough heh
  14. My dad's PC is ancient! But he's never complained about it! So many issues, goes so slow, never whines about it though, I think it's time he deserves something decent. Literally all he does is browse the web, watch Yahoo videos (I'm trying to convince him to start using netflix and amazon prime), plays Solitaire, and very old CD rom games like Oregon Trail, and Classic Card games. I can get pretty cheap on the build here, right? $200? If that?