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  1. Recently came across this topic I have to do for the code I have designed. Can someone point some references on how should i compute a "finite state machine transition diagram" out of my python code of socket programming.
  2. I did use list of lists but got to know they can only exchange packets of strings and not lists so had to convert the list to string and then send, and it outputs just like the dictionary in a single vertical line. Did you mean to change the received string to list again once received?
  3. Hi , I need some help in socket programming, could anyone here tell me how can I make something like a client querying data from the server (maybe a dictionary storing stock and their prices) send data from server to the client (according to the request like stock first and then prices maybe price of multiple stocks at a time). Can I also make the data look in a tabular form as well on the client end? I'm at the point where I have done simple client-server code did played with dictionary and tried sending it over to the client but comes as a single vertical line not in a tabular form, is this even possible? I'm fairly new to python so.. 1. How to send rows of data to the client instead of a single vertical line maybe two columns and display like a tabular format to the client? 2. sometimes I do not get all the items in the dictionary stored at the server when I type and send the keyword from the client script to the server script, so i have to type n send the keyword like two times atleast to receive all the items ( Using TCP socket here ). 3. After the first packet I send, the next reply I always receive is of the previous query I sent. New to python.. Note: both scripts are on the same machine running python2.7
  4. I'll just use your knowledge as a reference and not asking for direct answer obviously.. just need an expert opinion so that nothing goes wrong.
  5. I guess they will, given a scenario where Im recently employed in a fast growing organization and have to implement certain network technologies with current best industry standards ( which existing employees complain about for eg. slow LAN speed) eg. ByoD leads to implementation of Wifi etc. Why and all sorts of justifications. It's very basic question for someone who has a little experience tho im very very new. I just need a direction.. P.S. they sprawl the internet trust me
  6. Sorry about that, it wasn't showing me the area where to write, just asked me to attach a file with a *required mark. Anyways.. for some UNI reason I can't publish the whole question here so if you would like to help, can exchange skype or PM here? THanks