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  1. @jdwii Ok so 1v is the minimum I can set (Which is completely understandable)
  2. Life's so weird sometimes man, will try to crank it lower to see if it fully fixes my issue.
  3. @jdwii I got a small question, do you think that by lowering more my dram voltage I could hurt any hardware in my pc? I was thinking of trying 0.95v but not sure. Ryzen Master works now.
  4. @sgloux3470 So I tried with the timings and the voltage mentioned in the memory manual for my mobo, which was 13 15 15 28 at 1.2V and just as I opened DOOM it crashed, so it definitely wasn't a fix, it was definitely set to something different, 15 15 15 36 I believe but it made no difference, kept the same timings but lowered the voltage like I did first and DOOM could run again, so far my only fix is lowering the voltage, and the crashes still come from time to time (But very unfrequently unlike before, when it was set to 1.2V 95% of games would crash and I just wouldn't know why).
  5. Another thing to mention is that my ram is supposedly designed for Intel X99 motherboards, maybe some configuration on the timings could fix it, not sure though. And yes, what did the biggest change on my PC so far was lowering the voltage.
  6. EvilTomato

    Extremely rare PC issue with games

    Eventually when I get the money, I'll probably something that's ready for Ryzen
  7. Ok I found the ones for my board, will mess with the timings when I learn how to do so, thanks for the link @sgloux3470
  8. Mine is AB350 Gaming 1, are these the same?
  9. It didn't work it says it's not compatible with my machine, will go for Gigabyte utilities. http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/vengeance-lpx-8gb-1x8gb-ddr4-dram-2400mhz-c14-memory-kit-black-cmk8gx4m1a2400c14 Are the tested latencies the timings?
  10. @DocSwag Made a small edit
  11. Currently using the Gigabyte one, but the initial issues showed in both mobos. I don't know if this is too much to ask but I'm kinda lost here with the download, can you please link me to a good one?
  12. @DocSwag So when trying to open the Asrock timing configurator right after I installed it, I got a bsod, tried to open again to see if it would happen again and this message popped up.
  13. I tried to set memory to 2667 and dram voltage to 1.35v and my computer would nut even faster, games would crash just as I'd start them. Will do that then post a picture here.
  14. Another user in the other thread made me open this but not sure about it, this was when 1.2V were applied (Before the fix).