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  1. Favorite thing has to be the battery life! Fancy features mean nothing if you can't use them for a whole day...
  2. Ok, so apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but I've just been watching the live stream, and unfortunately the chat has got to the point of being unreadable, and means links and any form of discussion get buried. It's a shame as I used to really enjoy the live chat. So, do you think the chat should be moderated more? Here is a strawpoll I created for you to vote: http://strawpoll.me/1275917 If the poll gets popular, then maybe to mods could sort something out.
  3. The real cost for things like this is the custom fit and the logistics of manufacturing custom products but $300 is about the cheapest you can find. They're not really aimed at average consumers but they prove extremely popular with both audiophiles and audio professionals. I just thought I'd post the code in case anyone was interested.
  4. That's because it's my job. Artists on stage use custom IEMs like these, and the monitor engineer has to have something as similar as possible. Stage performance is where the term In Ear Monitors came from (as opposed to stage monitors), so it kinda bothers me when people call $100 ear buds IEMs. The difference in sound between something like them and proper balanced armature IEMs will blow you away.
  5. I didn't get a penny. I'm a FOH and monitor engineer by trade and JH audio make some great stuff. My old IEMs died and I needed a new set, and managed to save a fair amount of money.
  6. Use code "Gifts" at checkout to get 20% off all IEMs (not including headphone amps) http://www.jhaudio.com/
  7. So I've been told that it's possible to run two monitors off a dedicated GPU, and a third off the Intel graphics. However, whenever I set the third monitor to extend desktop, another monitor goes black. So, what am I doing wrong, and is this even possible? Windows detects three monitors, but can't do anything with the third. Specs: GTX 460 Intel 3220 B75 chipset Win7 x64 I have both the intel and nVidia drivers installed, and I also use DisplayFusion, but i've just been using the Windows tools to try and get this set up. I also switched on iMulti Monitor (or something like that) in the BIOS. Thanks!
  8. For them to be offering fully custom IEMs for £100, they're going to be absolutely terrible. The IEMs you see performers using on stage go for around £1000, just to put things into perspective. Another thing to note is that at 14, your ears are still growing, they don't stop until you're about 18-20, so buying custom IEMs now would mean they would probably stop fitting fairly soon, and the fact that it's hard acrylic would make that much worse (and acrylic is also very uncomfortable). I've never seen those Yamahas before, but to be honest, they don't look great. If I were you, I'd check out the Shure se215 or 315s if you can stretch to it. These are the industry standard in the audio world where an artist doesn't have their own custom IEMs. They're very comfortable, sound great, and are very tough too. Hope this helps!
  9. As far as the tips go, yes, different tips will give you slightly different sounds. For example, foam tips will expand to fill your ear and make a very good seal. This often has the effect of increasing bass response compared to, say, a plastic tip that won't mould to your ear so well.
  10. I work for an audio company, and the Technics 1210 is pretty much the industry standard for DJs and the like. But to be honest, I'd just look in charity shops etc. I got mine for £25 ($40) and it does all I need it to
  11. In my desktop, I run a 1TB WD Green drive that I stole out of a broken MyBook Live as a boot drive. I also have 3 old IDE drives adapted to SATA, all around 200GB capacity. I have a Seagate Barracuda 150GB drive that lives permanently in a hot swap bay as I've run out of drive cages, and a 2.5" seagate laptop drive in there too. Across all those drives, I have a grand total of 4.7GB free. The reason for all this madness is school work and work work unfortunately means storing massive files and after having 3 1TB drives die on me in the same month (not backed up), I can't afford to replace them right now, so I run a load of drives I've scrounged off people. I shared this post with the Reddit PC Master race community, username aibkirkpatrick, link http://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/1m7a0g/looking_to_upgrade_your_shrine_to_lord_gaben_how/ Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway too, and props to WD.
  12. Thanks for all the help guys! One thing I'm worried about is that because the W530 has larger vents for cooling, that would make it more susceptible to liquid/high humidity and stuff, you think that would be a problem?
  13. I thought about a Toughbook, but they're extremely bulky, and don't seem to have anywhere near the performance of Thinkpads. They're also really damned expensive, but thanks for the suggestion :)
  14. Firstly, a little bit of background: I'm both a live sound engineer and a part-time motion graphics designer. That means I spend half my time on outdoor sites, and the other half at home using quite intensive 3D applications. Up until now, I've been using a MacBook Pro running Windows, so switching to a non-mac wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, twice now my MacBook has succumbed to water damage, so I'm after a tougher machine. I was looking at the W530 series and wondered if they're as tough as the old T series from the IBM/Lenovo days, and if they were worth the money. If there are any other options around, then I'd love some suggestions. Thanks!