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  1. As much as I love LTT server videos this one felt very aimless to me. I never knew what point it was trying to get at. I'm guessing it was probably just something quickly knocked out in the pre-LTX chaos?
  2. It's a long and not particularly structured video, but from the looks of it a 3900X will be fine on an X470 board (3950X, not so much):
  3. That was a marathon video, but amazing on so many fronts. I particularly loved the excellent use of supporting staff. I probably wasn't even a third of the way through before hitting the like button.
  4. Was it ever explained why they were able to leave such an expensive camera disassembled for all this time? Seems like a heck of a thing to buy if you don't need it.
  5. Did that last motherboard actually get its BIOS checked and updated? When I built a 9900K system on a motherboard with an older BIOS it still worked but the clockspeed was stuck much closer to 4Ghz than 5Ghz until the BIOS was updated.
  6. X99 6-core systems for the older computers, but the newer ones are 8700K/9900K, GTX1080/2070, 1.5TB of M.2 SSDs, & 64GB RAM, with dual 1440p Dell Ultrasharps. Video production can be a fun industry to do IT for. Certainly beats when my whole department at a major IT corporation had to work through a Pentium 3 1Ghz terminal server with 1GB RAM. Wasn't even that long ago...
  7. It's not without its flaws, but compared to 1.5 years ago it's practically a completely different game. I recently came back to it and have been finding it quite fun.
  8. Oh man. That Rollercoaster Tycoon notification sound effect sent me right back in time.
  9. I guess the staff decided that a week of reruns was the easiest way to get through Linus' vacation.
  10. I feel Linus' pain. Trying to work out how to set up a customised Storage Spaces array was not my idea of fun. I found the documentation for the PowerShell commands to be somewhat vague, requiring a lot of trial and error. Still, being able to set up a RAID0/JBOD hybrid that could be expanded as necessary (up to 63TB anyway) without downtime and managed within the familiarity of a Windows environment was extremely helpful during the rapid transition from a small to medium business when storage needs were growing faster than the IT budget. I just had a look at the Dell ones because our office will likely need to upgrade to a professional turn-key solution in the next year or so, and I gotta ask: is it normal for those systems to only offer up to 6TB drives? I thought physical space was typically at a premium in data centres. Even upgrading to 100TB RAID10 with our slightly outdated 12TB drives feels like a formidable number of drives. I'm guessing it has to do with proven reliability, and possibly the better rebuild times of smaller drives? Strikes me as substantially increasing the risk of drive failure though.
  11. I totally recommend IPS wherever possible. Everything looks so much nicer. I sometimes notice glow in a corner or two on my ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q when the screen is almost completely black (namely dark movies and BIOS), but that's about it. My wallpaper is currently just black and I can't really see the glow. And that's with these monitors being considered relatively bad for IPS glow (I guess mostly due to the manufacturing focus being more on the panel being able to do an impressive 165hz 1440p). The Dell Ultrasharps at work are also great.
  12. Hmm, tricky. I always find port forwarding surprisingly frustrating for something so simple. At this point I can only suggest making sure your modem's firmware is up to date. Also, maybe try some of those websites that tell you if your ports are open.
  13. Ok. And the Destination IP is set to something in the 192.168.0.XXX range like the modem?
  14. Does your modem connect to a landline-based Internet connection currently? If it's using the 3G/4G capability then port forwarding won't work since that uses an additional type of NAT which you have no control over (due to IPv4 addresses being pricey and mobile devices being many).
  15. Yeah, the project got put off a bit, but that's the device that I expect to get. Looks pretty good.