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    Auto mechanic , Security guard, O'Reilly's Parts Specialist, O'Reilly's Parts Driver


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    AMD R7 1800x
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    Asus Prime X370-Pro
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666 4x4GB Or 2400mhz 4x8gb
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    EVGA RTX 2080ti Black Edition
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    Corsair 780T Full
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    2xSSD Samsung Evo 850. 2x Samsun Evo 860. 2 HDD 700gb,4tb
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    Corsair RM750X
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    2x Asus VX series monitors, MSI Optix MAG27CQ
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    Corsair H100i
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    Corsair K70 MK2 MX Cherry
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    Corsair Scimitar Yellow
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    Panasonic SA-HT740 4.1 , Corsair Void RGB wireless headset
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    Win10 64bit

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  1. Bios is updated did it last month to Bios 5220, no updates since September of last year, on top of that, my Bios auto Updates.
  2. read the post next time? i already did all that you just posting a link is no help whatsoever
  3. thanks for the no help there.
  4. For Reference System : R7 1800x Ryzen ( Mild overclock ) EVGA RTX 2080ti Black Edition Asus Prime Pro X370 Mobo Corsair RM750X 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666mhz After buying and installing a 32gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 32gb 2400mhz Kit for my system, it now constantly Blue screens while doing basic tasks like youtube or twitter. i have had 2 kits of this so far, First seemed to run okay until i noticed from CPUZ that my Ram speeds were only a little low. Bios profile to make the kit run at the proper speed and No post after. after resetting the Ram speeds to default is when i ran into issues, blue screens, system locks. Pull the memory out and install my 16gb kit of 2666mhz and order a replacement. no crashes at all. Today i install the Replacement 32gb kit, Run a Memtest64, no errors. I think " okay i just wont mess with the Ram Frequency until i get a new Mobo ( everything everywhere i look is on backorder ) After Installing a iCUE update for my Corsair stuff a Video error occurs and upon my logging into my PC it only see's my 2nd screen. do a quick reset fixes that issue. Look at twitter for a bit nothing Taxing running just Discord and all the usual Background apps. Blue Screen Kernel_security_Check_failure. Reset the system do a memtest64, 1 error. (included below ) Included Below i all the Errors i have encountered and my CPUZ showing my First 32gb kit being a little under speed then advertised ( i know you double it up ) i have had the system with the 16gb set for the entire time of running this config and it never bluescreened, go to 32 and it crashes ANY help would be appreciated. even if its Stop buying Corsair Ram. as much as i like Corsair.
  5. Update, bios does not recognize both my my 500gb SSD's but when I get into my PC it sees one of them
  6. Man that's not easy with how bad my cable management is, but I'll give it a go
  7. Just looking for some confirmation my new 2080 TI has been plugged in hooked up and everything it works. However, on boot up I do not have two of my SSDs being recognized. Im willing to assume my 750w PSU is now being drained by the GPU, and not enough power to go around to my drives? Every calculator I use says i have more then enough Build for reference Asus x370 pro R7 1800x non oc EVGA 2080 TI 4x4gb ddr4 ram Corsair H100i aio 2x Samsung 850 250gb 2x Samsung 860 500gb 1x Seagate 700gb hdd 1x barracuda 4tb HDD Corsair RM750x psu 3 case fans
  8. Uses real office, Adobe reader and WoW. Bill pay. And almost on cue
  9. Uses real office, Adobe reader and WoW. Bill pay.
  10. Doubt I could ever get him to agree to that...
  11. So about a year ago I did some small upgrades to my father's tower, swapped to an SSD, doubled the ram, 1050ti, and a power supply. However after it tried to do windows updates ( win10) it locked up around 83 or on 100%. Forcing a hard shutdown with the power button. And kept doing it up until last week. Having recently done a brand new Win10 install, it seems to be doing it again. Ideas or known fixed would be greatly appreciated Specs: i5 2400 something quad 8gb ddr3 ram Corsair 650w 1050ti Nvidia reference card Kingston 250gb ssd 500gb hdd.
  12. always plugged in never power save
  13. i assume those are inexpensive aswell?
  14. well now i regret getting rid of my 8350 2 years ago lol and before it had Orange Soda spilled on it i had a HD4xxx . Kicking myself now