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  1. my mother locked the boot menu, and that doesn't solve the issue with the graphics card. What can you do with 2GB of VRAM?
  2. My biggest issue in this situation is the fact that it's not upgradeable, but you are most definitely more eligible than me because you have a dual core. I feel ya.
  3. The issue still stands; ITS A MAC, IT CAN'T GAME or at least it has compatibility issues with my half of my games
  4. My computer isn't the worst, but the fact still stands, it's an iMac, which is, quite honestly shit because of the fact that it can't support my favorite games like GTAV and Beamng.Drive (It's awesome look it up). The CPU is the only decent part of this "computer" because I can't really say anything about it other than the fact that it's impossible to overclock. The Display is the only pretty thing, but that's not something I can use with a different computer, so it dies with the rest of it. The RAM, well, that is slow as shit. And it's not even DDR4. Yes, there are 16GB of it, but that's not worth anything if it can't load anything in from the hard drive. The Graphics card, when in use, makes the computer make an annoying hissing noise. And since there is only 2GB of VRAM, you can't expect it to do much. It's the worst when you want to, like me, start building a game, but don't have any hardware that can actually run it. In the end, I believe that I should receive a trip to the Linus Cave for a chance to finally start fulfilling my dream of building a game of my own, Mostly because I can't afford anything more than a small 700 dollar laptop. Benchmarks: Besiege, Full Settings, 1080p, runs around 12-15fps Cities:Skylines, full settings, 2K, 40fps, when zooming in or out excessively, 15-10fps Farming Simulator, Full Settings, 1080p, 60fps when standing still, moving causes 5-15fps, operating vehicles is only about 50fps Simpleplanes, Full settings, 2K, runs pretty much at 60fps unless giant creations are involved Software Inc, Full settings, 2K, runs at around 29.5- 31fps GTAV cannot be tested BeamNG.Drive cannot be tested Cinebench Results can be found in the images included Novabench Score can also be found in the images All benchmarks are estimates because steam overlay does not work on my computer and the single fps counter for mac does not work in macOS Sierra I highly doubt I'll win this competition, Just saying I got the mac as a birthday present, so no questions about how i got it in the first place Thanks for possibly considering my entry Planeguy102 Specs 3.3GHz Intel i5 Quad-Core 16GB DDR3-1600 AMD Radeon R9 M290 2GB 1TB Hard Drive (Brand Unknown) Havit Magic Eagle Mouse, Mousepad, and Keyboard 5K Retina Display (Included) 23" Asus 1080 monitor we had lying around