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  1. System tray gone

    I just realized I'm an idiot. I have 3 monitors and the default one was changed.
  2. System tray gone

    I have no clue what happened, but today, I turned on my computer, and the system tray is gone. Any idea what happened?
  3. OBS won't stream

    I am trying to stream some gameplay to my Twitch channel, and for some reason, OBS just isn't having it. It keeps on giving me this error : what do I do? I've updated OBS to the latest version, and I can access every other site just fine. What the actual Hell? Solutions I've tried: Telling the firewall to let OBS through (explicitly) Turning off the firewall Changing my IP in windows Changing my IP on my router restarting my router I don't know what's happened here.
  4. Creative Labs Sound Card

    Schiit Magni and Modi all the way
  5. LTT Graphs

    I was just wondering, what software does LMG use to make the graphs?
  6. Lag During a 3D Print

    Upgrading to Windows 10 and an SSD should be more than enough to fix the issue.
  7. Arduino Hates me

    So I've been encountering some issues with my Arduino Geniuno 101. Whenever I try to upload code to it, it constantly says the following: FLASHING IS TAKING LONGER THAN EXPECTED PRESS MASTER_RESET BUTTON Then it times out on both COM1 and COM3. Any suggestions? Now it worked on my Imac, albeit while doing this every other time, but at least it worked. Did I get a DOA unit?
  8. So my grandad sits in front of his 2014 HP Envy AIO almost all day, and complains about the noise to the point where he's taken the back off for better airflow. Since he doesn't have the budget to upgrade, I want to tune the fan curve since the computer barely gets to 50C before it is screaming at full volume. Is there any kind of fan tuning software (besides speedfan, it doesn't work) that could make it just a teeny bit quieter?
  9. Invalid IP address problems

    I just said that because 0 works for me, although there are actually quite a lot more combos with the whole 255 thing. https://www.iplocation.net/subnet-mask
  10. Invalid IP address problems

    I don't know if that'll work, because the subnet mask actually needs to be (oops)
  11. Invalid IP address problems

    Or just try doing a factory reset of your router Firmware update might also work, since this sounds like a router issue If that doesn't work, just yell at your ISP until they send a technician or new router.
  12. Invalid IP address problems

    Go into Windows (I don't know the exact place, but its the network settings in control panel) IPV4 config and change the IP address to something that's one digit off from your router's IP. Example: an xfinity router will use on the local network. set you IP to something like (if you have an xfinity router.) Use a subnet mask like and leave the last field blank. This has worked for me to fix issues with wonky internet.
  13. RAID 1 Help

    I want something that copies that data to two drives as I'm writing it to one location, negating the need for a daily backup or manual file copies.
  14. How much did the gtx 770 cost when it got released?

    I was too ballsy when I went into this, and I got spanked. just spreading the knowledge.
  15. How much did the gtx 770 cost when it got released?

    hmmm... go with it if you can guarantee that's working and/or he has a return policy of some sort.