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  1. Loud Fans or Bad Soundproofing?

    I might've forgetten to mention that this is just a PSU with the "green pin" bridged and a bunch of molex to 4 pin header adapters. My question was why are they so loud at full speed?
  2. Broken PSU for no good reason

    Honestly, I was just asking cuz I'm being cheap. I've looked at the receipt; it was actually 25 bucks, don't hate on me. @Stefan Payne And even if, EVEN IF, I had bought that PSU at 40 bucks, it'd still be at a little over half as cheap as it's listed on Newegg (Though I can't find it anymore. was listed at around 110 bucks)
  3. Broken PSU for no good reason

    @knightslugger I know my way around a Multimeter. of you tell me what i can measure and when to expect when doing so (without getting killed) I'd be glad for the help.
  4. Broken PSU for no good reason

    well, thanks for your help anyways. No insight of why it broke? @JDE
  5. Broken PSU for no good reason

    Oh well. I did open it just to get a look inside but nothing looks burnt or damaged. My question was: can anybody lead me to any resources on how do diagnose what is broken and how to fix it? and how to discharge the components in a PSU so that they don't shock me when I try to de-solder something. @JDE @Thermosman @aisle9 @Crunchy Dragon @knightslugger Edit: On another thought, how did that cause it to break? the cables are sleeved in a sort of black plastic mesh and the front panel didn't actually cut through it.
  6. Broken PSU for no good reason

    A bit of clarification: It's an Orange Label one, and I need it to work because I wasted 40 bucks on it. It's 100 on Newegg and the store I bought it from is about an hour away. Does nobody have any helpful info on fixing said PSU? @JDE @aisle9 @Thermosman
  7. So I recently got a used Corsair VX550 550 watt PSU. While building a system today, I was testing the fans with only 4 Molex power connectors in use. while putting the front plastics back on when, without noticing, I accidentally got part of a SATA harness cable caught in the plastics, immediately making the fans shut off. after about a minute, I discovered the crimped cable and pulled it out. After that, it would emit an unusual buzzing noise and after a few times trying to turn it on the supply made a popping noise and completely died. I want to repair it (even though I know that this is a horrible idea), so does anyone have any tips?
  8. Loud Fans or Bad Soundproofing?

    That's pretty cool.
  9. Loud Fans or Bad Soundproofing?

    I recently bought a new case and fans for my system and installed them to test the noise. When I turned the PSU on, I was blasted into the next room by its jet-engine like noise level. Even though, yes I know this, they are running at full speed, why are they so loud? 00018.MTS Specs: Phanteks Enthoo Pro Tempered Glass EVGA NEX650G 5x Cryorig XF140 1x Phanteks Included Fan
  10. ATX mounting Holes

    Actually, What the hell. That vens ATX mobo pattern pdf thing has the wrong measurements. some of them are the same while obviously showing different distances. Since I can't find any actual mounting hole measurements on protocase's pdf, I'm back to square one here. Any Ideas?
  11. ATX mounting Holes

    Thanks, JDE and AperumDesign for the other resources, because even though the formfactors.org pdf is helpful, it doesn't include all of the mounting holes' positions.
  12. ATX mounting Holes

    The issue is that this only gives the size of the motherboard itself and not exactly how far they are from the edges of the motherboard, as far as I can tell.
  13. ATX mounting Holes

    Does anyone know of a site or pdf containing the exact positions of the ATX mounting holes, I/O shield dimensions, and PCI express Full height slot dimensions? formfactors.org IS USELESS, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME THERE Thanks, Planeguy102
  14. my mother locked the boot menu, and that doesn't solve the issue with the graphics card. What can you do with 2GB of VRAM?
  15. My biggest issue in this situation is the fact that it's not upgradeable, but you are most definitely more eligible than me because you have a dual core. I feel ya.