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  1. My monitor requires a dedicated gpu, an integrated one won't even display anything
  2. No worries, seems to be a mystery to everyone at the moment.
  3. I did try that, it did seem to alleviate stutter and sync up the audio (keep in mind the audio is only a fraction out of sync) though i really hope it's not some sort of placibo effect. but it's looking like i've gotten a dodgy Korean monitor. but sometimes (rarely) when i boot up my PC, it struggles to even play HD video on youtube. but if you shut it down and switch the power on and off, it plays them again.
  4. Can only connect to my monitor via DVI
  5. Cpu usage is normal levels on idle, no viruses on my PC, and no conflicting drivers either.
  6. I only have analogue headphones ...
  7. I don't have any spare graphics card's (this is my first PC) and i don't know anyone with a PC. I have already reinstalled drivers and windows and games..... no effect.
  8. no i haven't, but it's not like i have one on hand to test with.
  9. Doesn't matter what drivers i use ( i've used a bunch) i've had this issue since i built the PC. but i just can't put up with it any more.
  10. Via the front speaker jack at the back of the motherboard
  11. Already did that, made no difference.
  12. Oh and my speakers are Edifier e10's And watching flash videos/ any videos are also out of sync by a fraction of a second.
  13. So I'm unsure about what exactly is wrong with my 6 month old PC, Perhaps it's the graphics card, or perhaps it's the monitor causing the issue. But first and foremost the audio is out of sync (using headphones or speakers doesn't matter it's still out of sync) (the video appears to be late) and every game i play micro stutters regardless of the settings or the resolution i use. My specs are as follows: Intel i5 4670k (stock clock) cooled by a coolermaster hyper 212 evo saphire r9 290 (with a tri-x cooler) GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-D3H8 gigs of 1600 g.skill ram samsung 840 evo (250 gig) seagate barracuda (2TB) antec high currentgamer psu (620 watt) windows 7 latest amd beta drivers And my monitor is the QNIX 2710 (not overclocked)
  14. At 50 hz it gets these weird green lines over half the screen, at 30hz it's just colours and lines everywhere
  15. It can get up to 110hz but even running at 60hz it frame skips all the time
  16. Having read all of the problems i'm having, do think that beyond a shadow of a doubt it's the monitor at fault? And if so... do you think there's nothing left to do but buy a name brand monitor and be done with it?
  17. I just really hope it's only a monitor problem, it'd really suck if i bought a new one only to have the same problems...... It really does look like i'll have to buy a new monitor, though i'd really feel bad about selling a monitor that doesn't work right. It might end up haveing to become a $300 reddit browsing screen .........sigh
  18. I just tested my set up with the TV in the Lounge room, it's definitely smoother but also seems to stutter a bit, particularly when playing flash video.
  19. Is there anything i can do about it?
  20. I bought it from ebay. It's not a matter of "juice" this monitor is incompatible with onboard graphics
  21. I already tried the DVI cable (bought a new one) no dice. I can't use an onboard gpu with this monitor it requires a dedicated gpu That sucks this monitor is 5 months old and hasn't worked right since day one ( i bought it from Korea so i'm pretty sure there isn't a warranty)
  22. It's a single input monitor (only has a DVI port) It only has controls at the bottom that don't appear on screen.
  23. So i have a Qnix 2710 monitor that seems to have a permanent frame skip no matter what refresh rate it's set at. Not only does it skip frames every few seconds (in every damn game and even when playing videos) but it's also out of sync with my audio . I've tried everything from installing new drivers to complete OS reinstalls (i'm running windows 7 if that's relevant) The only other "monitor" i could test with was my crappy 21 inch TV, and there was no frame skips using that. I'm using an AMD R9 290 to output video (via dual link DVI) to the monitor. Please someone help.... I'm at my wit's end and contemplating... (GASP) going back to console gaming.