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  1. Nah it's 2560x1440 same as the qnix. Yeah pretty close to $600 usd
  2. So I currently have a qnix qx2710 (1440p single dvi input, ips, 8ms) it manages to overclock at 85hz so that's what I run it at. I recently found a good deal on the Acer Predator XB271HU (1440p 144hz ips 4ms, g-sync) do you think this would be enough of an upgrade that I would be 100 percent happy with. Or do you think I should wait for something more substantial? (like 4k hdr at 144hz with g-sync)
  3. Just an update, i ended up going with the NH-U14S and i'm very happy with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic cooler. Just make sure you get it for under $100 AUD (mine cost $95) it's definitely worth that price.
  4. My upcoming build does have a bit of a price/performance ratio that i'm "kinda" trying to stick to. I think i'll go for the NH-U14S. Thanks for your suggestions.
  5. I guess you're right. if it fits in the case and does the job i can't really complain can i? my only question is. Is it worth the extra $20 when compared to the u14s
  6. I've heard the NH-D15 described as "you want some computer with that cooler" frankly i think it might be too big but I'm open to having my mind changed.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions i have been eyeing the u14s so far its a strong contender to be my cooler, but i hear the thing is pretty big. Something i forgot to mention, the things on the list that say preorder only mean they're at another store and that they'll ship it to my store free of charge.
  8. Can only choose from this list as i want to buy from a local store. cooling my i7 6700k in a define R4 case. Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CO cooler for Intel Socket 1156/1155/1366/775, FM1, AM3/AM2+/AM2, Up to 20 Avg Rating [ 4 reviews ] Internet Price: $42.00 Outofstock Arctic Cooling, Freezer 13 CPU cooler Avg Rating [ 13 reviews ] Internet Price: $38.00 Outofstock Arctic Cooling, Freezer 7 PRO Rev.2 CPU cooler, for Intel Socket 1156/13
  9. It happens every time i play games regardless of the time. the connection is ADSL2+ . the only thing i know is that my ISP is currently upgrading the copper network in my area to fiber (should be finished in about 2 months) I've also called them a bunch and i know for a fact that the network is congested. I've had a technician out and showed him this issue he couldn't figure it out all his tools said my line is fine.
  10. I've tried three different modems and two different splitters..... the same thing happens every time. i haven't gone over my monthly data quota .
  11. i've reinstalled all my drivers my modem is using DHCP, my modem is easily powerful enough to handle those devices. i just set my pc as DMZ hopefully that helps
  12. I obviously have more than one device... i'm checking my connectivity on my phone whilst playing games and i also look at the lights on the modem. THE INTERNET DROPS OUT! only when i play games on my PC.
  13. there's only 3 phones and a T-box connected to the modem as well as my pc i honestly don't think it's them causing the issue.
  14. Maybe i'm terrible at explaining things.... whenever i play a game even with my WiFi card disabled my internet drops out ..... this only happens when i play games... could it be something to do with the houses wiring?
  15. So i have an issue whenever i play a couple of steam games namely modded skyrim and shadow of modor. The internet would dropout, i'm connected via a WiFi card ( TL-WN881ND ) so to troubleshoot i disabled my wifi card. But i still got dropouts even though my computer isn't even connected to the modem ( NETGEAR DGND3700v2 ) what the hell is going on?
  16. As Soon as every Triple A game starts releasing on Linux i'll switch until then, hell no.
  17. So i just downloaded firefox and i have a different issue with it http://imgur.com/Gyh3LZ3 it go's to a black screen that only disappears after you minimize and maximize it.
  18. I'm on windows 10 (64bit) i've installed and reinstalled google chrome, and i've installed and reinstalled my graphics card (R9 290) drivers. The issue isn't present in edge or Firefox. Here's an example of what's happening http://imgur.com/ARuacOj
  19. sdhdok

    Shoe advice

    Update: I ended up buying some nike Kaishi's.
  20. sdhdok

    Shoe advice

    So literally the only pair of shoes i own are blue and orange sneakers.... i'm in pretty serious need of some casual shoes (something that could be worn with a pair of black jeans or pants). I'm a US size 10.5 and I've had my eye on these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/VANS-shoes-Sk8-HI-Top-Black-imperial-Blue-Streetwear-/231533256295#shpCntId do you guys have any pros/cons of buying this brand/type of shoe? And do you have any alternatives?
  21. Yeah i know <_< I't'd just be nice to have a better starting point for me to configure from than "just do what feels right" rephrased a million times.
  22. Very helpful.. You must really work for the Department of Redundancy Department.