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  1. So I currently have a qnix qx2710 (1440p single dvi input, ips, 8ms) it manages to overclock at 85hz so that's what I run it at. 


    I recently found a good deal on the Acer Predator XB271HU (1440p 144hz ips 4ms, g-sync)  do you think this would be enough of an upgrade that I would be 100 percent happy with. Or do you think I should wait for something more substantial?  (like 4k hdr at 144hz with g-sync) 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Cyracus said:

    single tower, noctua u14s. dual tower noctua d15  (phanteks makes a dual tower cooler almost identical to the d14 with more stylish colors if that may interest you)

    Thanks for the suggestions i have been eyeing the u14s so far its a strong contender to be my cooler, but i hear the thing is pretty big.
    Something i forgot to mention, the things on the list that say preorder only mean they're at another store and that they'll ship it to my store free of charge. 

  3. Can only choose from this list as i want to buy from a local store. cooling my i7 6700k in a define R4 case. 

  4. check how much data your ISP allows to stream at once. You've done everything to rule out the PC, and now the modems, so you are left with an ISP problem, could be a wire outside messed up and when you put too much through it it gives up for a minute. I'd call your ISP and ask them to help. Otherwise I'm pretty confused. But it IS dsl right? If so that could be part of the issue, they don't always have the most reliable connection especially during peak hours, does it happen all day everyday? 

    It happens every time i play games regardless of the time. the connection is ADSL2+ . the only thing i know is that my ISP is currently upgrading the copper network in my area to fiber (should be finished in about 2 months) I've also called them a bunch and i know for a fact that the network is congested. I've had a technician out and showed him this issue he couldn't figure it out all his tools said my line is fine. 

  5. Re-install the drivers for the NIC on your PC.

    Make sure your modem is powerful enough to even support that many devices, is your modem using DHCP for all the devices? have you tried setting your pc as the DMZ?



    i've reinstalled all my drivers my modem is using DHCP, my modem is easily powerful enough to handle those devices. i just set my pc as DMZ hopefully that helps 

  6. how are you on the internet when your card is off, and if you're going to say an Ethernet cable, why would you even bother with a wireless card in the first place?



    I don't follow of course the internet is dropping out, you aren't connected to it. 



    so 5 devices using the internet and you don't think it has anything at all to do with it dropping out?  I would disagree sir.

    I obviously have more than one device... i'm checking my connectivity on my phone whilst playing games and i also look at the lights on the modem. THE INTERNET DROPS OUT! only when i play games on my PC.

  7. I do, here at Nvidia HQ.



    But seriously, everyone else just configures it until they're happy with it.

    Yeah i know  <_< I't'd just be nice to have a better starting point for me to configure from than "just do what feels right" rephrased a million times.