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  1. ok so go into driver update and then click the downloaded chipset version from ausus ill try it now cheers
  2. do u have to redownload it after a fresh install? or does it do it automatically sorry im new as to setting these things up.
  3. as stated did a fresh windows install for i was having issues and now some of my usb ports are not working i noticed the BIOS is on american megatrends. i have a z370-h gaming motherboard less than 7 months old but i am unsure if the BIOS changed with the update please help.
  4. so i got my pc sent to shop and they reckon nothing is wrong with it so i thought it must be my g sync monitor so i took that to the shop and they stress tested it and theirs nothing wrong with it aswell but if i hook my pc upto it everytime i load a game steam or not it crashes by showing flickering on screen then just freezes or dissapears. not sure what to do.
  5. nah not overclocked at all for i had faulty ram and got it replaced but now 3 weeks on ive got this problem game still working but screen frozen real weird
  6. i-7 8700k , 16gb ram ddr4, PSU is corsair 750 i
  7. i play games even basic ones then the game will freeze on my screen but i will be playing still while it is frozen untill it crashes what could this be from?
  8. just ordered a pc and this card is in it but i have been hearing a few things from different people and i come here for advice so is this card good? here is my build. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/nbpxhq
  9. ok i have modified my order to get the corsair power supply extra 40 bux for peace of mind is fine. i dont usually use wifi im cable all the way so the motherboard doesnt bother thanks though
  10. i have been asking advice on a few different areas and so far i have come up with this so please anymore advice for i am about to build https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/sXszm8
  11. ok thanks yeha only 40 bux difference atm thought id ask cheers.