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  1. Ah, when those GB's a lot enough for all of our needs lol *cries in needing 2 TBs worth of storage for my datas now As a Windows guy, can't seemingly escape from their ecosystem at all. Only Linux device I daily using now's my Android phone tho lol Kinda wanted to use Linux again, my old laptop feels kinda better with it, but since my pop using that for his work so.. Can't experiment much anymore Interesting to get a CPU keychain (I still got those old 2 Pentium 4 systems and a Core 2 Duo system) but... Probably pops woulda kill me if I do so lol Well, just to be honest that my current daily driver now got my first (OEM) legitimate copy of Windows lol (and it's actually worth it to be honest, those updates, even it's kinda annoying (was, before I did a SSD upgrade to my laptop), it's actually good that I never reinstalled Windows just because they're lagging anymore. It's reliable and stable af. And damn. Reminds me of my first YouTube video here. I even search for YouTube at Google by searching that song because I always forget the YouTube domain name that time lol Dang, really reminds me of when I tried to copy a MP3 into a floppy disk lol Not a worth decision, it's one for every single damn song lol Dat detailed spec. Even on that thermal paste lol But man. My peripherals never survived past 3 years tho, either it's dead or it feels no good anymore, surely a lot of difference in quality. That Sandy Bridge still runs finely tho even with that 1080? As a 10 years old, if I have that amount of money... I'd surely get a better Core 2 Duo system to upgrade that old PC lol, with a motherboard upgrade because it barely have PCI Express lol
  2. Ah, yes. Probably I'd need some more research later on then lol But yeah, that's why I said preferably to get a newer generation card like so, tho.
  3. Perhaps, the upgrade you should go with is, obviously, graphics card. GT 630 is a really, really, old one thing. Get something a lot newer like used GT 730 or GTX 950, even a GT 1030 if you found the right seller. The newer, the better. Preferably get a new 1030 if you want to invest more, tho. You can even play 4K video on your system if you wanted to. Your system's above average anyway, except for that one old graphics card, even I consider it is still pretty good for standards today. Other components won't even need upgrades for the next few years.
  4. I certainly have no idea why I made this topic but... Why not? I recently did saw this video, and damn. Reminds me of my first PC I played so much everyday lol Intel Pentium 4 (I indeed forgot the model, but it has) singe core, 3.0 GHz , HyperThreading Nvidia Geforce MX4000 128 MB, it was 64 MB before (pops replaced it because I can't play NFS Underground 2 with good FPS tho lol) 512 MB of RAM, but it's 256 MB before I 'take' a 'dead' computer RAM from my aunt's PC, which she won't use anyway lol 80 GB of HDD storage 45 Kbps dial-up modem, which we barely use except for e-mails (u know how expensive internet back on the days). MSI motherboard, but somehow damaged because of power dropouts, so it's on a ECS motherboard now. What weird is, I have no idea, since the transition of the ECS one, I felt the computer kinda more... Slow. GTA San Andreas plays at max, 800x600 resolution (can't do more than that because of the CRT monitor limitations tho), and I played this the most, NFS Underground 2 either. CnC Generals Zero Hour, but when I add some mods like Contra or RoTR.. Well, probably I felt did some torture to an old man XD Rise of Nations feels good, yet Battlefield 2 won't even run because of the graphics card maybe lol Until 2011 (then replaced with a old laptop of mine, a E-350 APU one with 3 GB of RAM, now I use another different system ofc), I used this PC for like... 5-6 hours per day, which.. A habit still persists today. Which, all of them, miraculously still survives until today. So, guys, how about yours? I curiously wanna know!
  5. A CPU upgrade will be (really) wise. That 1080 can still do a good job for games anyway.
  6. 4-pin fan plugs have some kind of... Clip that prevents accidental removing. Well, press that clip while pulling the header. Not so hard either that you can pull the motherboard away lol Well, it looks the exact same 4-pin anyway, so it should be fine.
  7. What I know is CPU fan needs to be constantly turned on, even if that's slow af, for at least dissipating small heat it produced from idling. Well, can't let the CPU fried itself, eh? Rather to replace the fan as a precautionary action than... Making your CPU a hot pan. 100 degrees isn't healthy at all for CPUs. Or might try the fan port just beside the one you use, tho. Looks like the same PWM header.
  8. Faulty fan already, maybe? How about testing the fan itself to other place? Or get another fan probably the quickest way to solve it.
  9. Firstly, wrong section, it should be on Troubleshooting page. Secondly, kindly give us more detailed explanation on what did you upgrade. It's kind of hard to troubleshoot things if can't know the details tho.
  10. Well, but I guess you'd want to hold that cocaine just for a little bit more few years lol Well, since upgrading to 3600 will be... Kind of unsatisfactory either later on, because Gen. 4 is closing enough, eh? Welp, can't kindly know actually. Probably can support or probably not (can't seemingly to find reliable source yet), but I suppose, probably 60% can work tho. Brother's personally have 1500+1050Ti tho. Still a good damn CPU that I actually use for Premiere render lol (welp my daily driver's below on my signature so, yeah.)
  11. That Ryzen 1600 actually still a good one CPU even for nowadays tho. You won't need upgrade it yet if the only use is just for TV gaming, especially 1080p. It actually still looks decent enough for me, for next few years. Did saw your signature tho. holy shet mount of devices lol.
  12. Got a little DIY build of my room's 2.1 speaker. Actually, this is a kind-of old build I built 4 years back. Here's the setup that I use. I use that old small computer speaker amplifier-small subwoofer combo as the main amplifier for the home-theater speakers (which sounds nice already btw), and since the Simbadda amp actually includes a small subwoofer speaker inside it (and it sounds kind of bad, barely punching my ear), so I cut the cable to the output of the included woofer, and connect it to the big-one subwoofer I have laying around. It works, really, flawlessly for years.... Till now. Here's the problem: the subwoofer kind of got a distorted output lately. First issue is, when I wanna setting the volume, sometimes it distorts really a lot that it actually vibrates till outside of the house, or it went so small that it barely heard able, or worse, when even a slight touch to the volume potentiometer already make those distortion. I'm using the RCA input (amplified input from the big woofer I think) on the woofer, and probably only set the volume at 3-5%. More than that, probably I can blow the whole house. I think, probably, I damaged a part inside the big woofer (I suppose the volume potentiometer of the big-bass got damaged by the years of resisting the power input from the already amplified bass output from the Simbadda one). It annoys me when the distortion came more occasionally lately, so I kind of temporarily solved this problem by using the high-level input of the woofer itself, but, yeah. The old Simbadda amp actually can't handle the power that it sounds so small on mid-volume bass music, but it hits so hard on high-volume bass songs, that I can't increase the volume anymore of what I like, because of that bass hit so hard on high-intensity bass songs. I recorded how it actually behaves right now. Here's the link. First song, 'the humans are dead' lyrics, bass feels too low. But after 'come on sakar lek ma batereh', it's actually good for me. Second song, you probably know how kind of little bit of bassy the intro is: I barely feel the bass. Third and fourth, it actually vibrates the whole block. Fifth, again, barely feel the bass. Conclusion is, it bit lack of power on high-level input, but it suffers a lot either from the RCA input. I actually got few way to solve this nicely: Use the RCA input, but add additional resistor or voltage dividing circuit to reduce the power that go inside to the big-woofer. Get another amplifier to amplify the bass only. Because... The home-theater speakers already sounds good. And that's enough for me. ... or anything else? Thanks for you guys help here, kind of... need those things done, since.. Yeah. Got no good entertainment since the lockdown around the world.
  13. I've got a new 1 TB external hard-drive for archive and personal data storage. Two partitions of course. Archive one stays unlocked, and for personal partition, I wanna lock it. I want to use BitLocker, but, yeah. Unavailable on my version of Windows. Is there any way for me to encrypt the partition on my Windows 10 Home? EXCEPT by do it on a Windows 10 Pro device, which it's barely available here of someone that actually use that version of Windows (believe me, ALL of the people I know using at least Windows 10 Home). And I don't want to buy the license just for that. Somehow, I found this. But I don't really trust that app, since it's third party. I found VeraCrypt either, it looks promising, but I found this article, when you remount the device, you have to use the software either when you wanna open that drive on another PC, which is... Struggling enough. And it's way too risky if this happened when I borrow my drive to others, and they didn't even know what they did by clicking at "Format now" without even asking me first. So, no, definitely not VeraCrypt. Thanks for your help. But if there's no way to do this, I rather to just keep it unencrypted then.
  14. Exactly the same like the front fans. It'll exhaust all of the heat inside.
  15. Just reinstall or update to newest Windows 10 already, use the .iso provided on their site, woulda save a lotta time. But it's good tho when Microsoft still giving updates to a decade old OS like that lol
  16. Your question is albeit confusing, tho. But if you just want to make a direct LAN connection, the most simple but effective solution is directly connect your computers with RJ-45 cable. Just use the first PC as 'gateway PC' with for the IP, and as the subnet mask, leave the default gateway as it is. On the second PC, use for the IP, subnet mask as like before, and fill as the gateway. It's way easier if you have a router, and just connect both PCs. IP will assigned automatically.
  17. Hi, somewhat I have no idea if I posted to the right place tho lol, sorry if I did the mistake. I'm just wondering. I did stay on a hotel where a LCD TV, I peek the back side and they're using normal coaxial cable, and I choose the channels like the usual TVs. Here's what interesting for me, they actually have the paid cable TV stations (HBO, Fox, National Geographic, etc) on the list of the channels (that won't available on normal OTA TV channel frequencies), despite I didn't see any kind of decoder around there. I visualize of what I think below here. Now what I asked is, what kind of equipment is that? Curious af here lol
  18. Differences are about 750-800 mAh tho, Samsung wins the battery, kinda significant but with 11 nm fabrication that Note 8 use, will it actually use it more efficiently? despite the higher clockspeed tho. i dont really do game on phone tho, mostly on my laptop here lol. so probably samsung is good? price differences (in 64 GB variant so it will fair enough) are between Rp 1.200.000 - 1.600.000, roughly US$ 84 to 113. Redmi Note 8 price are actually REALLY depends because the sales here depends on flash sale, and the stock always limited into few hundreds a day, which actually sucks because it made the prices in offline retailer a lot higher than the official price.
  19. Been using my Redmi 5A for a year and 8 months, and needs to change because the performance deteriorates already. Been searching since yesterday, got both Samsung Galaxy M30 or Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (or the upcoming 8 one). My daily usage are just for social media, like Twitter or WhatsApp, and LINE. Usually opens 9GAG either. And I really do a lot of multitasking in between apps. Sometimes I do some gaming, only for 2-3 hours a day when I'm bored, not that game freak on mobile tho. Samsung's M30 got a nice battery of 5000 mAh, that's why it's my primary choice, and it's got AMOLED, which I will use dark themes and wallpapers, but I got interested in Redmi Note 7 or 8's SoC that got a better perfomance. Redmi Note 8 won't be released until next week tho. Here's the comparison in GSMArena. Need help to choose between both phones tho. Or any kind of suggestions are appreciated either. Or if someone actually have the phone, u can tell the experience using it either.
  20. USB and SD cards are using different controller. USB for universal things (your mouse, keyboard, thumb sticks) while SD card controller is designed only for storage. So, yeah. No.
  21. Actually this is what I use for replacing them for my old laptop, and it still works flawlessly. Laptops won't even reach the heat of a boiling water, anyway. Just make sure to use the high-quality ones.
  22. This. Is a yes. It will run on the slowest maximum speed of all module that you install. Ex. Corsair 3000, mixed up with Gskill Trident 2444. All of it will run on 2444. And if that Gskill Ripjaw got the more lower max speed, it will follow. Suggesting using HWInfo for checking the max speed, tho. Then set all of the RAM on UEFI on that speed. I'm mixing two brands here (Micron and TeamGroup) and it barely gone (only happens for 2-3 times in this lifetime of laptop, which about 2 years) for BSOD. Point is, still stable af. But tbh dunno on your case. It's two brand (and three models) of mix. Might all of the three CAS latencies are different for each other, and might got some instability. Best case, just test it. Get experiment from it. And yes as @Herman Mcpootis just said, if it does't POST, it doesn't work.
  23. Nevermind, what I done is basically just deleting things that I won't need anymore, then migrating the C using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Now enjoying my (for finally) faster apps loading time and boot time. XD
  24. Well, but how about the OEM license? Will it gone if I do the fresh install?
  25. Hi, been recently purchasing a 120 GB of WD Green M.2 SSD for a little upgrade, which will arrive soon either, can't wait to feel dat Sonic on my laptop But, problem is. My C partition got size of 160 GB. Yes, it is 'easy' if I do a selective removal of data on my C, but it will consume a lot of time. (a lot of unorganized data lel) I planned to do a reset my laptop's Windows 10 (since I want to either, it's 2 years since I bought this and never did any kind of 'cleanup', tbh still feels a lot more smoother than Windows 7, that I need to reinstall every 6 months). I only want to erase my C partition, I don't wanna erase my D (which on 629 of 770 GB). And tbh dunno, I don't wanna do a full reinstall by using USB stick, since this Windows 10 is original from OEM. Just can't risk losing the license lol (or correct me, can I actually do a full reinstall and won't lose my license?) I did research on Google, which is confusing. Some says, some data in C will preserved with only apps deleted (data on Documents, Pictures, etc won't be affected). Some are... Point is, confusing. And extra question, what's the good software for me to migrate the partitions (after the reset) to the SSD? Suggestions? So, the point of this post is: Reinstall Windows 10 so it can have fresh C partition (hoping the fresh partition usage won't even reaching 40-50 GBs) Putting the SSD on it Migrate the C partition to the SSD Thanks, any suggestions will be appreciated.