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    A big headphone guy, feel free to ask me any questions about audio or related topics and i will try to answer to the best of my ability.
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    Construction Quantity Surveyor
  1. UK yeah, didn't know Newegg did the UK, few options there but they seem a little more than Laptops Direct. I guess I'll have to wait for Black Friday and see what's on offer. 10th Gen seems to be going even further down the U route so looks like no joy there.
  2. Yeah it looks a bit bulky, actually says 2.2kg because it's plastic but still a bit heavy really. All of the ultraportables I've seen seem to come with the U series CPUs which I just don't know if they have improved. I'm using a 13inch with a 7200u so I know they have gone to quad core now but I would prefer an H series if possible. The Dell XPS-15 was the only one I could find but trying to get one on ebay everyone seems to be after them and they are holding their high value pretty tight.
  3. Yeah I don't mind if it has the really low end one like the MX150. There seem to be one or two about. The new Asus TUF ones seem okay - https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-fx504gd-e41275t-core-i5-8300h-8gb-256gb-ssd-15.6-inch-nvidia-geforce-g-fx504gd-e41275t/version.asp I was really looking for something like this without the 1050 and a bit thinner/lighter. I thought the new Ryzen chips might have been the answer but no-one expect Asus seems to be using them.
  4. Am I missing something or are there basically no Laptops out there with an H series processor that are not gaming? Looking to buy something for around £600/$700 with an H series processor but no/low end graphics card and relatively thin/light if possible. I just want it for the power when using it for general use as I'm using my first U based laptop and find it really lags sometimes. Everything that has an H processor seems to come with a graphics card and so is thick and heavy to cool it and I just wouldn't be using it for gaming. I have an Xbox so will be gaming on that for the next year or two and will then probably buy a tower for gaming so would like this to last a few years if possible. Any suggestions welcome, cheers.
  5. http://www.thomann.de/gb/beyerdynamic_custom_one_pro.htm and don't bother with an amp.
  6. OddballMV

    New Sound Setup

    A DAC by itself produces no sound at all, it produces an analog signal with no volume which is then sent to an amp to be amplified and become audible.
  7. Could go with them and get a Fiio E10, should get them to a reasonable volume plus it has a bass booster. You won't be getting 100% out of the headphones but you could always buy a better amp a while down the line
  8. Could look at http://www.thomann.de/gb/shure_srh1440_b_stock.htm, a bit easier to drive than the Q701. Though the Q701 are cheaper so you would have a bit of money left over for an amp.
  9. AD700X Drivers? Enough said surely, this is just another MMX300 with a huge price tag.
  10. That or http://www.amazon.ca/Audio-Technica-ATH-WS77-Solid-Over-Ear-Headphones/dp/B009FRPN4M/ref=sr_1_79?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1388964018&sr=1-79&keywords=headphones.
  11. You know the A1000 and the HD558 are both open backed?
  12. I would probably recommend getting a headphone for $100 or so and seeing how it performs out of your motherboard, that should tell you if you need anything else.
  13. I think you can see how that particular test was performed, it was a simple Logan looking away and Tyler A/B-ing the tracks. As I understood it though, that little test was purely to get Logan's opinion on the matter as he likely has never done a proper blind test.. The actual statement from Tyler appeared to have nothing to do with that test, it likely came from his own knowledge from studying at college and the extensive research that has been linked to in this thread already.
  14. Isn't this a bit like saying you don't believe the theory of relativity because you haven't done a test on it yourself. You can take other people's evidence as fact surely?
  15. I'd seen the big one before but this tiny little one looked interesting. In the US it doesn't seem to make sense value-wise, 3 times the cost of the Fiio but 1.5 times in the UK. Love how they try and sell it by sitting it next to boxes of matches and so on.