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  1. It'd probably be just fine... my dell laptop w/ i5 and 1050TI is a good match! GTAV on high , solid 60fps (smoother than xb1/ps4)
  2. that's normal, my 7567 i5 runs at 50-60 idle, and peaks around 78C under load. no crashing or restarts!
  3. sadly it looks like where he is, the 5000 gaming doesn't include a 1050ti, and of course the 7000 doesn't offer an i5 option!, where as here in north america both options are available. I got the 7000 gaming with an i5 and 1050ti as it was the best option!
  4. I had 2 cards whine when new, but went away after a while!, just live with it, as it isn't causing any performance/reliability issues!
  5. I'm fully aware those machines are upgradeable, but they are far from the price point that the OP could afford , since he wasn' able splurge the extra hundred or so to get the 1050TI option in the dell. I'm just saying you won't find a "NEW" laptop in the 1k price range with MXM upgradeable graphics, that isn't beefy! and buying a used 2 yr old model, and then buying a pascal mxm card on top of this, still puts the cost up there!
  6. Laptops have been like this for a long time lol. Unless you buy 2K plus machines, and even then lots still have soldered gpu's. It's common knowledge when buying a laptop that cpu/gpu aren't usually upgradeable. Even my past laptop , asus g73 had a MXM slot but it was nonstandard form factor and upgrading wasn't possible (in some cases it was but required modifying the heatsync and losing external display ports (hdmi etc).
  7. far from "suck" lol. The 7000 gaming is like the best performing machine you can get for under 1k! Sure there's better systems, but not at that price point! The next best machine to that is like the acer predator helios 300, and that gets you a 1060 instead of a 1050ti, but several hundred dollars more!
  8. The only way to upgrade is selling and buying another system
  9. That's the thing with laptops, you can't really skimp on cost and hope to upgrade later as far as cpu and gpu go, The dell 7000 doesn't have a mxm slot. The cpu and gpu are soldered to the board.
  10. oops lol!, I made sure to get the 1050ti, as i was fully aware its like 30% faster!
  11. definitely not possible. I have the 7567 and am suprised at how well the 1050ti performs in games actually at 1080p (native panel resolution) most games run at high at 60fps or more, doom on ultra at over 120fps!
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.2 m.2 "formerly known as NGFF (next gen form factor)
  13. no the form factor would be m.2 followed by the size in millimeters etc 2280 being 80 mm for example!
  14. if you add corrosion inhibitors you'd probably be fine (splash of car antifreeze etc).