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  1. I need it to be easily portable, but battery life is not a great issue.
  2. You are right about the thermals. L340 looks a bit sketchy with the only bottom vents. Y540 seems overall better but more expensive.
  3. I'm considering Lenovo IdeaPad L340. If I upgrade it to 16GB RAM. Anyone had any impression on this model?
  4. Do you think with a 1000$ budget is it possible to get a decent GPU for rendering?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a laptop with 6 or 8 core CPU with 16GB RAM that is mainly for rendering works. My budget is 1000$ and I really don't care for discrete GPU. It doesn't matter Intel or AMD. Any suggestions?
  6. Erfsh

    Corsair K63 vs. Logitech G Pro

    I finally decided to go for K63. I'm happy with it and the linear keys fit me very well. The form factor is also satisfying and it's very rigid, except the keycap sockets witch seems to crack easily and loosen up. The wireless performance is good and the Bluetooth connection seems fairly stable and reasonably good. The only thing that I'm afraid to do is to update the firmware; I've heard a lot of complains about malfunctions after the update.
  7. Erfsh

    Corsair K63 vs. Logitech G Pro

    Thanks guys. I think RGP has no functionality for me. But the form factor is important, and it is definitely a good idea to try some Roamer G and Cherry MX reds at local stores before buying.
  8. Erfsh

    Corsair K63 vs. Logitech G Pro

    Hi. Not yet but I'm more likely to go with K63 just because of the wireless feature. I was ready to buy it but then I had to spend the budget on changing laptop fans and thermal issues. So it will be probably until winter :)
  9. Erfsh

    Corsair K63 vs. Logitech G Pro

    These kinds of comments coming from experience are very welcome for me. Thank you for your help.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm trying to decide between the two mentioned keyboards. But I need some more opinions. First let's say both K63 and G-pro have the same price (with discounts). What I like about K63: It is wireless and has Cherry MX red. What I like about G-pro: Has RGB and I already have G900 mouse, so no extra software installation. I have no idea which keys I'm going to like more since I have only experienced MX brow and I have no chance to test the other ones before buying online. So, is roamer-g tactile switches any better than comparable Cherry MXs? How about the durability? If I'm going to take them with me every now and then, how can they endure under pressure (not much) in a bag? Any other thoughts (excluding Razer) are welcome.
  11. One thing to note is to check the Thunderbolt 3 port's number of PCIe lanes. Some have 2 PCIe lanes with half the speed compared to 4 lanes. So check that as well if it is important for yo to have full speed.
  12. Erfsh

    Bad thermal paste aplaction?

    Very interested in where your experience reveals later. Keep us up to date with the CLU, if you ever do it.
  13. Yes, I forgot to mention that download WinFlash only if it is in the support page under BIOS utilities. That's how I did it. WinFlash Actually doesn't flash BIOS, just takes the file, reads it and restarts into BIOS (UEFI) to apply the update.
  14. Normally, when the battery is full the laptop will stop charging it until you go on battery mode and back to charger after depleting some charge. As long as it doesn't get heated during that time then it's safe. As SecGuys said your laptop's battery is going to degrade overtime no matter what you do and the capacity will decrease over time. However, just once in a while let the battery deplete down to 5-3% then recharge it when the laptop is off. This will help increase its lifespan and calibrate the actual capacity.
  15. Open NVIDIA Control Panel, under Display options you can see Set up G-SYNC. To update BIOS go to the support page of your laptop. Make sure it is the correct version e.g. 7th gen or 6th gen version of the laptop, the wrong version can brick your device. Download the latest BIOS and WinFlash, then run the WinFlash and follow the instructions. You can also do it from the UEFI menu directly, but winflash will restart the laptop to the UEFI automatically so you don't need to bother.