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  1. Well apearantly one of the 4 fans wasn't completly plugged in resulting in all of them not being recognized It's working fine now.
  2. Nope, its connected to the motherboard by a 4pin cable.
  3. It are three corsair af fans connected to the fan hub in my case. Of What do you want the screenshot?
  4. Sadly that doesnt Change anythibg.
  5. The fan tuning wizzard puts them at 1400rpm and i cant Change it. The are incredebly loud The fans not connected to the fan hub are fine though
  6. Continued looking connected a pwm fan, that one also acts like its suposed to both fan curves can be adjusted, excapt for the fan hub with 4 fans attached
  7. The cpu fan is also the only one that shows its rpm in the bios. The other Just run at 100%
  8. Yes i got the cpu fan connected to the cpu header. And the other fans are connected to the header that states to be the chassis fan header which is connected to the fan hub in my case
  9. I just upgraded to the Asus ROG Strix Z370-F and i'm having fan problems. They seem to be running on 100% no matter what i do, the bios says it's 22C at the moment i looked at it and edited my fan curves but it seel keeps running all my fans on max power. The cam Software gives the tempratur as N/A does anyone have any sugestions about what to do?
  10. I Just noticed this message and do nog agree with you. The price difference between the m3 and m7 at that point was only 15€ so it was quite an easy choise. I have in fact sold the motherboard and cpu today which i have used for and i sold it for 95€ less then i origanaly bought it for. Funding 70% of my upgrade to my new 8600k Coffee lake system.
  11. stevenh

    8600k or 8700k

    Thanks for the opinions. I already telt like the 8600k was the better choise, and as evryone seems to say so to i decided top order that and save the 150€ for an update in the future.
  12. I'm completly stuck on my cpu choice. I sold my old motherboard and cpu today so now i'm looking to upgrade. I'm just not sure which option to go for, the 8600k is alot cheaper. the 8700k would cost me: 430€ The 8600k would cost me: 275€ The main uses would be photoshop, lightroom & gaming. and the occasional video edit, but mainly the reasons stated before. What would you guys recommend? The GPU i have in my system at the moment is a 1080 so it wil be paired with that.
  13. stevenh

    Dark rock 3 + corsair RGB ram.

    Mostly if the combination fits. Yeah i have tried searching but without the option to search for specific ram it's though. I'm going with a z370 board so i'm probbably going to mount it vertical. If did i search and the corsair ram also seems to be 44mm.
  14. stevenh

    Dark rock 3 + corsair RGB ram.

    After selling my motherboard, cpu and ram i'm looking to start building my new system. Ik was wondering if anyone has experience with the combination corsair Ddr4 rgb ram and the dark rock 3 cooler.
  15. stevenh

    Asus 1080 plastic layer backplate?

    It is, but it has scratches on it.