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  1. The Netherlands, budget is around 70€
  2. I'm not too fond of the white color of the fans. So I wanted something black. The be quiet fan on my cooler was alot quieter then the case fans so I figured I would go with the be quite one. My pc's specs are: Intel Core I-5 8600K | Asus ROG Strix Z370-F | Asus ROG Strix 1080 8G | 16gb 3200mhz CL16 G.Skill Trident Z RGB | be quiet! Dark Rock 3 | Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD | EVGA Supernove G2 750W | WD Blue 1TB | WD Green 4TB |
  3. Hello, I'm looking to change the fans in my case to be quiet fans. Now i was looking for suggestions for what the best fan setup would be for this case. According to the manual the following is possible: Front: 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm Top: 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm Back: 1x 120mm or 1x 140mm Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  4. So i'm not entirly sure what option to go for: It's either going to be Samsung 860 Evo 1tb: Price:160€ or Samsung 970 Evo plus 500gb: Price 114€ Samung 970 Evo Plus 1tb: Price 230€ So the 970 is almost 45% more expensive. Is the price worh the difference? Will i notice the difference with photo editing or gaming? or would it be better to just go for the 860
  5. The price difference seems to be quite small here the Samsung is 220, and the adata is around 210, one store sells it for 190 but I have had terrible experiences with them in the past and I refuse to buy there. What would be the better choice? I mainly use my pc for photo editing and gaming. Occasionally video editing. I'm just not sure what would be the best choice. I've also considered getting a 500gb evo 970 plus, to save some money And in the future adding a 2tb evo 870
  6. Hello, I'm looking for some more SSD storage, and since the prices s eem quite reasonable now i was planning on buying one soon. I however could use some help with making a choice. My budget is around 225€ I'm looking for 500GB, but 1TB would also be an option. The preference would be a M.2 one since that slot is still empty on my board. Any help would be greatly apriciated.
  7. Hello, My father is looking to either buy a new laptop or a chromebook. My knowledge about it is quite limited so I figured I would ask it in on here. The laptop wil be used for work, email. PowerPoint, spreadsheet etc. And storing pictures and watching movies & Netflix. The budget is around 500 euro. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. Well apearantly one of the 4 fans wasn't completly plugged in resulting in all of them not being recognized It's working fine now.
  9. Nope, its connected to the motherboard by a 4pin cable.
  10. It are three corsair af fans connected to the fan hub in my case. Of What do you want the screenshot?
  11. The fan tuning wizzard puts them at 1400rpm and i cant Change it. The are incredebly loud The fans not connected to the fan hub are fine though
  12. Continued looking connected a pwm fan, that one also acts like its suposed to both fan curves can be adjusted, excapt for the fan hub with 4 fans attached
  13. The cpu fan is also the only one that shows its rpm in the bios. The other Just run at 100%
  14. Yes i got the cpu fan connected to the cpu header. And the other fans are connected to the header that states to be the chassis fan header which is connected to the fan hub in my case