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  1. Sorry but those issues are history right now as per my mobo. I am a regular follower of the rog thread for these mobo. Yes I do have considered changing this mobo at that time but not done that. It is working fantastic with 0809 bios. Yes one problem is still there it can not run 3200Mhz flarex in its default docp. So I believe in next update it will be fixed. However I don't know any mobo out there offers better value for money than this one correct me if I am wrong with facts and figures. I have tested my cpu at 4.0GHz on this mobo and total power delivery on cpu+soc sometime exceeds 155W even then it remains stable even at 1.51 core volt. But not using that high for daily use, Right now this is my settings (pic).
  2. I have figured out a easy trick for p-state overclocking of Ryzen CPU. So this discussion is all about to find if it works for everyone out there. So please post your comments and suggestion and oc settings. my config,R5 1600X 3900FlareX 32GB 4*8GB 3066MhzAsus Strix B350F MoboAsus Strix GTX970 GPUFor those who don't know how to apply custom p-state here is my super easy guide. It is not at all difficult and YOU DON'T NEED A HEX CALCULATOR FOR THIS. Now I believe most of you have applied some overclock already if not first set your manual overclock without applying and pstate value and test your system stability. This should work in other Mobo as well but my tutorial is slightly different than the others because first it is more simple and a indirect approach where you set your normal (non pstate overclock) first test everything and then just enable a option without typing anything complicated and you don't need a calculator too.1. Once OC setting is set and stable go to your bios>advanced>AMD CBS>zen common options>custom pstate/throttling and accept the scary warning. Believe me if you are not stupid enough, it is safe and dam easy. Most of the articles I have gone through, have complicated this process unnecessarily. Follow similar path for other mobos.2. Change the Pstate0 from auto to custom and immediately you will see 5 values, I am showing an example,Frequency: 3900 (it is grayed and you can not type anything: pls check if it is exactly same with the multiplier you have already applied during basic overclock)Voltage: 1.375 (it is the default voltage of your CPU with out any modification or offset you have already applied)Pstate0 FID: it is the Frequency ID in hex of your max CPU step. Do not change anythingPstate0 DID: it is the divider. Do not change anythingPstate0 VID: it is the voltage ID for the default CPU voltage and again do not change anythingThis hex values are being calculated by the mobo itself and you don't need to do anything.3. WE ARE NOT CHANGING ANYTHING in pstate0. Because the bios will register the hex value as per your set core ratio automatically. This info none of the article have explained so far.PLS NOTE CAREFULLY, THE FREQUENCY SHOWN UNDER PSTATE0 SHOULD BE SAME WITH YOUR APPLIED OC. e.g. I have set core ratio 39 to get 3900, So in my pstate0 frequency field the grayed value is 3900. IN THE VOLTAGE FIELD IT WILL SHOW THE DEFAULT VOLTAGE OF YOUR CPU AND IT IS CPU SPECIFIC.4. Go to Ai Tweaker and change the CPU ratio from your set value (e.g. 39) to AUTO. Again go to Pstate setting and check whether the Frequency is showing same as before (e.g. 3900).Turn off Core Performance Boost.Turn global c state either enabled or auto ( I have not noticed any difference between these two options).Save setting and restart.5. Now go to windows power option what ever you are using and then advanced power settings and CPU frequency and set minimum frequency state to 50% or something you like. Now your CPU will step to lower clock speed when idling.Windows Power Plan Fix: If you don't find the minimum power option in windows power plan it means you are using latest chip-set driver and YOU HAVE NOT FOLLOWED MY STEPS PROPERLY. Again go to bios and set core ratio to auto and save restart. Now you will get this option.Actually AMD has disabled this option when you type a custom CPU ratio just to maintain performance.What is happening is different Pstates are informing CPU where to settle as per performance need. Note that this is for fun and it can not make any huge power draw difference. Also generates less heat.
  3. I am using 0809 but a single hardware monitor works fine for me. not more than that. If possible could you try to run hwmonitor+corsair link same time along with afterburner if you have corsair link product. It is causing me this black screen. But hwinfo+afterburner=no problem
  4. Fixed my issue 100%. it is multiple hardware monitoring software fetching information from motherboard at a time = black screen. not happened again using hwinfo only.
  5. 1. GPU is not a problem and that is for sure I have already tested my setup with gtx 970 and r9-290 found same issues of black screen and need to ac power cut to restart the pc after full drain.2. Some guys may tell you that your vrm is faulty and pls leave this comments for now it is not vrm issue.3. Faulty CPU: of course not4. Faulty/incompatible ram: To check whether faulty ram stick just run memtest atleast for 8-10hrs. 5. MOST IMPORTANTLY HARDWARE MONITORING CONFLICT: Memtest can operate in UEFI. Create a UEFI boot drive and try to run it in UEFI and CHECK WHETHER IT IS CRASHING OR RESTARTING JUST AT THE POINT WHILE IT IS COLLECTING SPD AND OTHER RAM INFO. If so 90% chance is that your black screen is realted to hardware monitoring clash or something. In uefi it should pass the cpu config collection steps.6. Try to run windows in safe boot environment and test whether your blackscreen is there or not. If not then I am 95% sure your blackscreen is related to monitoring.Now regarding the debug light possibly it is bios and dimm incompatibility. I was getting these issues as well with 0805 bios and flarex ram. But solved totally with 0806 and onward.
  6. Thanks guys, but what I have figured out you don't need to type any hex values the mobo fix it automatically and it can be done more easily. It is similar but you don't need a hex calculator for that,
  7. Th Thant's great...wait for that update. However it is only that option which can disable power after shutdown in usb.
  8. Update Windows Founder Edition Installation:Yesterday I just thought that there might be software issue and started to uninstall some software/driver. Since AM4 Chipset Driver comes with Asus Strix B350F motherboard is 1.4 GB and as per I remember during installation of this chipset driver I have seen Radeon. So I thought that this might be the problem. So uninstalled all AMD software, then uninstalled Nvidia Driver> run DDU> cleaned both AMD driver and Nvidia driver one after another. Started windows again and it is running fine without any graphics driver for almost 1 and half hours. Normally I face this problem after 5 to 15 mins after PC starts.Since I have downloaded the latest Windows 10 iso (founders update) so I decided to clean install windows again. After formatting installed all necessary drivers one by one and then updated windows 10 and others. My pc was on for almost 6.5hrs no problem. This time I have not installed any AMD chipset driver and windows automatically installed them. In device manager not found any unknow device after windows update is complete.Today morning when I switched it on again now again same problem. The display turns off on its own after 5-10 mins and never recovers unless a full wall switch shutdown. but this time onward no VGA light of mobo is glowing seems fine everything but not the display.I am very sure that it is not a hardware problem. Something in the windows 10 either it's update or some driver is causing this issue. I have posted my problem in some other forums as well but till date not received any solution or something. The problem is very annoying for me specially after spending good amount of money on quality components. Please help & Please please keep me informed if you need any info.Thanks for reading.
  9. or Asus Strix B350f Gaming.... Strix can go easily at 140w cpu+soc (my reading so far with 1.380v max spike 1.40v stress testing)
  10. Do you have this option in BIOS: Enable power in S5 state in USB? My Asus mobo has this option and it provides power in USB while it is off. Nothing to do with deep sleep state. Please search this option in bios or similar type of option.
  11. Hello Everybody, I am new to this community. I have recently upgraded my system to Ryzen 5, here is my new rig,Asus Strix B350F latest bios Version 0805 AGESA 5 1600XG.Skill FlareX 2x8GB F4-3200C14D- 16GFXAsus Strix GTX970Seasonic X-850 PSUWindows Version: 1607 (OS Build 14393, 1480)After Windows Installation: My problem is when I am running my PC just fine suddenly display turns of with or without vga error diagnosis led on mobo. Then nothing, it is not restarting on its own. Sometimes pressing power button also not force shutdown the pc. I need to turn it off by wall power switch and after only a complete power off it can be booted again. Now again no problem but sometimes I have received a bios message for setup it again. Switched GPU in a different PCIe lane again same problem after sometime. If I reset my OC profile to default it does not holds good. However I have tried full power off- reset bios- install gpu in 2nd lane then on and test = OK working. Again OCd CPU and after some time during stress test again screen goes blank and nothing can be done. There is something wrong in windows event viewer, in every core (all 12 logical cores) I have received a Error massage in Windows log>System: 1. "Performance power management features on processor 10 in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware."2. "The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {8D8F4F83-3594-4F07-8369-FC3C3CAE4919} and APPID {F72671A9-012C-4725-9D2F-2A4D32D65169} to the user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM SID (S-1-5-18) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool." Thanks for reading...
  12. 1.375v Stock Voltage on 1600X?

    R5-1600xAsus Strix B350F MoboG.Skill FlareX - 3200MHz 16GB d-channelAsus Strix GTX 970I have enabled DOCP profile of RAM to 3200MHz, 39x100 core and 1.375(Bios default)+0.00675 voltage offset. I am stable at 3.9 GHz. The voltage as per rog cpu-z is around 1.38-1.41 during stress test. As per Asus YouTube OC guide it is OK. Now I can't not push it further without more voltage.
  13. 1.375v Stock Voltage on 1600X?

    Found it. I will update soon
  14. 1.375v Stock Voltage on 1600X?

    That's really helpful. yesterday I have completed my Ryzen 1600x, FlareX 16GB 3200, Asus Strix B350f setup. I am also facing similar too high pick voltage issues with latest AGESA to bios. But surprisingly when I am running prime load test the vcore voltage is 1.27 as reported by AISuite 3. But if I set everything to auto in bios the pick voltage is going upto 1.43v then dropping to 1.31v but not less. Would you please tell me where is this AMD CBS option in bios? Just option path if possible?? My flareX is not stable at 3200 by asus DOCP profile and after running windows 10 with this ram setting my display going black and ram issue led is flashing. Pls reply thanks.