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  1. SALEEN961

    Can't Boot Past BIOS

    You might not be able to use win7 with your current BIOS. About a year ago I updated my BIOS and all of a sudden I couldn't boot into windows. Fast forward a few months and Gigabyte released a new BIOS to fix issues with win7 compatibility that the last BIOS caused. Win7 support is starting to get sketchy on newer hardware. EVGA states that "Intel Kaby Lake-S CPUs only support Windows 10" on that board, but Skylake CPUs will support Win8 and Win7. What CPU are you running? Any info on the rest of your setup?
  2. SALEEN961

    looking for cheap pcie soundcard

    I personally like the Asus Xonar DGX for its sound quality and its software interface, it also gives me great volume even when driving my 63ohm headphones.
  3. SALEEN961

    EVGA PSU lit my house on fire! 🔥

    I have 3 EVGA PSUs running in my house, which 450W model did you have fail?
  4. SALEEN961

    Looking For A Good KVM Switch

    I had not heard of them before, but the KVM they offers looks like a quality option, unfortunately it also looks like they're all sold out.
  5. SALEEN961

    Looking For A Good KVM Switch

    I've never used a KVM before so I'm looking for a little guidance on what I should buy for my setup and what issues I should be aware of. I would like to get a KVM that can handle a high power draw keyboard that uses 2 USB plugs along with a USB mouse that will not introduce any additional input lag. If the KVM could also switch between video inputs and handle a DP 1.2 connection at 165Hz w/G-sync from one PC and a standard HDMI input from a second PC that would be great, but I'm also ok with just switching the video input on the monitor itself. I'm not sure if it will matter but one system will be running win10 64-bit and the other will run winXP 32-bit.
  6. SALEEN961

    Webpage Cannot Be Displayed, Fresh XP 32-Bit Install

    https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/43.0.1/win32/en-US/ I downloaded the full FireFox 43.0.1 setup file from the link above and moved it onto the XP machine with a flash drive. The IE6 on my machine was also too outdated to download any new browser using that machine, even google.com wouldn't load, but I could get current news from MSN.com for some reason.
  7. SALEEN961

    Webpage Cannot Be Displayed, Fresh XP 32-Bit Install

    Since this retro PC exists for the sole purpose of running old software smoothly I didn't really consider the internet browser being too old to get along with the modern internet. It took me a while to find an actual download for an old version of firefox, but sure enough that seems to have worked, thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Can you tell this is my first retro box lol
  8. SALEEN961

    Webpage Cannot Be Displayed, Fresh XP 32-Bit Install

    I running XP on a retro box for old games that will not run on my main PC. I was able to get IPv6 installed but it didn't solve my issue.
  9. SALEEN961

    Webpage Cannot Be Displayed, Fresh XP 32-Bit Install

    Yes all the appropriate drivers are installed, the Asus PCE-N13 wireless network adapter is connected to the network, and it is connected to the internet.
  10. Hello, I'm having an issue with a new WinXP SP3 32-bit install. While I can connect to a select few websites most will never load and I instead get a "webpage cannot be displayed" message. I tried to find a solution online but after trying several of them I was unsuccessful in finding one that worked for me. Many of the solutions seemed to involve changing the TCP/IPv4 settings but my machine only lists TCP/IPv6 and TCP/IP with no option to install TCP/IPv4. I'm not really sure what to do at this point and I'm hoping someone can offer me some good advice, any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. SALEEN961

    Power Supply Load Testing?

    After reading that article it seems that even though I already own an oscilloscope and a high end multimeter the cheapest way to test a PSU is just to hook it to a cheap PC run some stress tests and see what happens. Those load testers just seem prohibitively expensive.
  12. SALEEN961

    WinXP DirectX 8.1 GPU Options?

    Thank you for posting those videos, I found a lot if the info in them very interesting.
  13. I have a roughly 6 year old OCZ Stealth Stream 2 600 Watt PSU that came out of a PC that became unstable after years of use (leaking caps on motherboard that was a refurb when I bought it) and a Corsair RM850 that was used for about 1 year before it was removed from a system where the CPU failed and several things on the motherboard died. Is there any good way to test these and determine if they are ok to use in a system? I know I can just turn them on and check their voltages and voltage ripple while they're running and while this is a good initial test I doesn't tell me anything about how they handle a real load. I know a lot of people will say I should just buy a new PSU, I already have, I just want to know if can test these before I either sell them or put them to use in a budget retro gaming PC where a new PSU would double the cost of the whole build.
  14. SALEEN961

    WinXP DirectX 8.1 GPU Options?

    Well I just had a HD 4670 and a GTX 650TI given to me for free so even though they are much newer than what I was looking for and probably aren't the best cards to run DX8.1 games on I think I'll give them both a try. They were free because they were pulled from dead systems, are packed for of dust, and it's not currently known if they work or not, but for a small investment of my time I'm willing to try my luck.
  15. SALEEN961

    WinXP DirectX 8.1 GPU Options?

    I'll be honest I've never seen an AGP slot in person so I just assumed it was older lol. There are some pretty good deals on Core 2 Duo/Quad setups on ebay, so this will probably be a socket 775 build. I'll keep an eye out for some deals on the 6000 series cards like the 6600GT, I wasn't sure if this would be too new to play nicely with DX8.1 titles. I didn't really get into PC gaming until everything was DX9.