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  1. What are the disadvantages of using a mini-iTX case?

    The disadvantages really come down to what hardware you want to run, a 8700K would most likely be severely thermally limited in many mini-itx cases, but my 6600K runs at 4.2GHz on all cores all day long in my Node 202 with temps topping out around 75C despite the 35C ambient temp in the summer. Along the same lines a 1080TI in a mini-itx case probably wouldn't be a good idea, but the GT1030 I have runs cool even under full load in a hot environment, partially because the thin 1.5 slot card allowed me to install 2 case intake fans that blow directly onto it and push a good amount of air through the case. Cable management can be an issue, but cases that come with power supplies will usually solve this issue by having all the cables at manageable lengths. Planning the build is critical, making sure all your components not only fit individually, but fit together and allow for proper cable management and good cooling can take a bit of research.
  2. When the stuttering occurs open resource monitor and see how much free RAM you have. If you have less than 200MB of free RAM left then this is likely that cause of the stuttering and installing more RAM should solve this problem. I had this issue when playing certain games when I had 16GB of RAM installed and this was my reason for upgrading to 32GB. Upgrading to 32GB completely solved my stuttering and low FPS problem.
  3. New DDR4-3600 RAM

    You probably aren't leaving much performance on the table running 2400Mhz ram with a 8600K, but in my experience 16GB wasn't enough RAM as I'd often notice stutters when the system ran out of free RAM as all my memory was either in use, modified, or in standby. Whether or not you experience this issue will depend on how you use your PC. Upgrading from 2400MHz CL15 to 3200MHZ CL14 RAM didn't make much of a difference for me and didn't improve my Cinebench scores on my old PC running a 6700K, my single threaded score was 183 before, and 184 after. Having more RAM so I didn't run out made a very noticeable difference in my daily experience even though no benchmark showed an improvement.
  4. ASUS PG279Q in 2018 Backlight bleed

    My PG279Q purchased in very late 2017 has light bleed issues, but to be honest I may not have really thought much of it had I not been warned to look for it. Overall I prefer Dell monitors, the ones I've had/have have all had great QC and build quality, but they didn't offer anything that was IPS, G-sync, 1440p, 144Hz+, and 27", so after comparing several options I went with the Asus. I'm still using the PG279Q as my main monitor because at the end of the day it seems like all the 1440P, high refresh rate, G-sync monitors have issues and the PG279Q had the least in my opinion. Some of the Acer monitors I looked at in stores had horribly warped bezels with large gaps, the fit and finish was just horrible and not something I could stand to look at all day. Others had noticeably worse viewing angles, or just overall aesthetics that didn't appeal to me. After looking for it, the backlight bleed I have on my PG279Q is really only noticeable if I'm looking at darker scenes in a dimly lit room, I really don't notice it while playing games or watching movies. Resist the urge to look for it and you'll probably never notice it, just remember you can't unsee things once they've been seen. Oh and the built-in speakers kinda suck, not that I really use them much, but as a headphone user I do use them every now and then when showing someone else something on my PC. Just something to keep in mind.
  5. Should I replace my 1070 with 1080ti?

    This is pretty much how I feel about my 1080TI, certain games I can run on max settings with 4x-8xAA at 1440p and still get 120-160FPS, other games like Ghost Recon and GTA V I had to turn several settings down to get rid of FPS dips and maintain 50-80FPS. Upgrading from a 550TI I just expected the 1080TI to handle modern titles better than it did. It definitely seems like someone running a 1440p monitor can benefit from waiting for better GPUs to come out if they want to run the highest graphics settings possible.
  6. The wife and I were both feeling a little nostalgic lately and wanted to replay some games we remember from our childhood, wanting to play them together I was looking for split screen titles we both played and decided on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. Unfortunately thus far I've been unable to get the game to start on my Win10 PC. I've tried running the game in compatibility mode for WIn98 and WinXP, I made sure that DirectPlay is installed, and I made a batch file to start the program with a specific CPU core affinity. The game now starts to load but immediately crashes, initially there was no indication that trying to open the game was doing anything at all. Can anyone offer some tips I what I can do to get this working?
  7. i7-8700k

    Those are some really high idle temps, my 8700K idles at 28-30C and with all cores set at 4.5GHz I see temps of roughly 80-84C. All I have is a really basic Cooler Master Hyper 212X air cooler, that's about as basic as you can get. Something is wrong with your setup if your temps are that high, make sure your cooler is fully seated and working, also make sure your CPU core voltage isn't something ridiculous or unnecessarily high. I'm getting 4.5GHz on all cores running only 1.2V
  8. Problematic 5G Wifi

    I've had similar issues with my 5G connection in the past, update the drivers and firmware for your wireless adapter and router if you haven't already. If your issue still persists what solved mine was changing the channel that my 5G connection was broadcasting on. The channel that was selected by default on my router just didn't give me a stable connection.
  9. The WAN Show got me thinking about how much some people seem to despise budget GPUs like the GT1030 and while I would never buy one for gaming, I do have one in my PC at work where all I wanted was good 1080p/1440p video playback. I could have used a larger more power hungry GPU like the old 550TI that got replaced by a 1080TI in my gaming PC, but the old 550TI is easily outperformed by a GT1030, requires an extra power connection that the GT1030 doesn't, and like many used cards you can find for sale online, it takes up 2 slots. I also wanted to keep my work PC fairly power efficient so choosing a 30W passively cooled GPU that outperforms a 116W actively cooled GPU seemed like an easy decision. Building in a SFF case I liked the idea of having enough GPU power for my needs, and having a single slot GPU that would allow for two case fans to be installed in the case instead of zero; this work PC spends a good portion of the year in a 90*F-110*F environment, so having good airflow was important to me. In the end the GT1030 seemed like it was worth the $56 is cost me after selling my old GTX 550TI. So that was my rationale for buying a GT1030, please share your reasons for a buying a GT1030 or similar cheap GPU.
  10. I5 8600k cooling solution

    I'm using a Hyper 212X for 4.5GHZ on my 8700K and my temps top out in the high 70s/low 80s under AVX instructions
  11. This might just be an issue of the auto core voltage being unnecessarily high, what is your CPU core voltage set to?
  12. Well after 12 days Gigabyte finally responded saying that they will not cover the shipping costs to send in my "ultra durable" motherboard for warranty repairs, I guess their warranty department is really backed up, why else would it take 12 days for them to respond. I'm glad I didn't buy another Gigabyte motherboard, but I regret having one in my other computer, and having bought this one in the first place, their customer service is appalling. Ford will pay to tow my truck to the nearest dealer if it breaks down in the first 5 years, Smith and Wesson sends out prepaid shipping labels whenever you need to send something in, and both these companies seem to still be in business. I guess they figured out that adding insult to injury by making a customer pay to send in a defective product isn't good for creating repeat customers.
  13. Stock speed 8700K with Hyper 212X

    I'm running my 8700K at 4.5GHz on all cores, it's 24 hour stable at 1.200V with a max core temp of 83C when stress testing with Prime95 while using a 212X cooler, average core temps are in the mid 70s.
  14. 3x120 or 2x140 for new meshify c build

    Go with 2 140mm fans, 3 120mm fans require removing part of the PSU shroud and leave you blowing air into a closed chamber, 140mm fans give you a much better appearance.
  15. High temps i7 8700 [non k]

    You should still be able to change the voltage, it's the base clock and base clock multiplier that you cannot change.