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  1. ok so i noticed my GPU doesnt go to boost mode. is stuck at 970mhz and it should go to 1070mhz so I flashed the bios. And it seems like it might have helped. no dropped frames on youtube. still some on twitch but NONE at youtube. so it was something with GPU, Im not sure if I had flashed the bios long time ago and thats what i caused. update: ok so suddenly after restart it is back as it was, but now i at least know its 99% the gpu.
  2. So i have tried to unplug my GPU and use only integrated and it no lag. so i guess my GPU is somewhat broken. But i have tried Unigine heaven benchmark and got like 38 FPS and similar similar GPU have scores like 33 FPS. So GPU seems to be OK in any other way but only the video decoder seems to be going bad. Its not driver issue I guess since its been going for like 6+ months (many updates). any ideas?
  3. this is my SSD and this is HDD does that mean there is a problem? I mean this disk is not even used by chrome AFAIK or windows. it just steam a some other apps that are not running
  4. i think youre mistaking Mb for MB. yes my HW accelaration is on. Its not internet speed. I cannot do what I can do on my laptop that has 4MB down. And on my desktop I have 3 times the download Btw twitch has max bitrate of 3500kbps that is 438kB = 0.4MB I think youtube videos are even lower sometimes because of better encoding
  5. i dont have a server motherboard tho?
  6. this is my ssd where the OS is and this is one of my HDDs everything seems kinda normal doesnt it? the 4K score on my HDD is kinda low but every one of my 3 HDDs had it about the same so i guess thats low for HDDs isnt it?
  7. i just restared my pc and got this message and i remember that i have been getting this message a lot like 60% of the time when shutting down pc. does that mean that RAM is broken? i mean, im confused, it passes memtest with no errors but then i get this message
  8. thanks for advice! i will try it tomorrow
  9. no the ram is not ecc but that should not matter. it passes 10h memtest
  10. ran MemTest86+ for 10+hours no errors so i dont think RAM is the problem right?
  11. https://valid.x86.fr/bu3jpn does this help? According to the bench the performance of the CPU is as it should be
  12. i just made a fresh install like 2 hours ago. that means its like 99% not a software problem. maybe BIOS because that did not update (but it is actually the latest one so no choice there). i will try change some sata cables but the only one that matters should be the one to the drive im currently using - ssd right? power cable is kinda odd choice but if nothing else works ok
  13. well would that be? CPU cooler, case?