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  1. This build is so sick dude, I have to congratulate you on how good it looks so far. I've been thinking about doing this since Linus did his - I think this has definitely convinced me to go ahead and do it now!
  2. And finally my gaming PC can rest for a bit, and go back to folding in its free time rather than all the time lol
  3. My second round of VM's finish about midday today, so i'll be back down to just my 980ti and 960. I'm way into the top 100 though, so i'm pretty chuffed with that
  4. All my VMs have run out. Be interesting to see if i can stay in the top 100 now im back to my one machine lol
  5. I've switched both mine over to v100's as a last hurrah I have another email address.... hmmmn....
  6. Haha looks like we're all heading the same way - i've got like 2 days left on mine
  7. Woohoo I made it into the top 100! Hopefully I can stay there, i can't keep up my current rate for very long unfortunately...
  8. I dropped the vm, rebuilt it and its up and running again. Heres hoping no further download issues!
  9. It's not so much point production, it's just a case of getting work! I've got a cloud vm just sitting idle because it simply won't download any new work it gets to about 5% then just stalls. I'm going to delete the vm and create a new one and set if that works
  10. Is there a way to force fah to get work from a particular IP?
  11. Finally run into the download bug on one of my vm's, and can't seem to get past it. Might reinstall the instance and see if that helps
  12. I am so close to being dropped out the top 150 its not even funny. Managed to score a super cheap gtx 960 off ebay that should be arriving today so should net me around 200k extra points a day and keep me afloat at least!
  13. Luckily i've completely avoided the download/upload issues some of you have been having, and my mild overclock on my 980ti has been very stable. However, every WU assigned to me seems to be a 14180, which is really hurting my PPD. I think i have now correctly enabled the beta client-type flag (I do this in the configure > Expert > Extra client options screen yeah?) so perhaps i'll get a different WU type in the next hour when this one completes!