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  1. Before buying one I would recommend going to Best Buy and looking at that along with other super portable laptops like the hp spectre or the dell xps just for comparison and make ur decision after that, just to make sure that u like the feel of a keyboard cover as opposed to a laptop keyboard
  2. I currently don't have a mechanical keyboard but was thinking of getting one, are they really that much better than regular keyboards?
  3. I'm not an expert with computers but this seems to be a decent build at that price point https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wPH3JV
  4. I'm going to collage for mechanical engineering, I'm looking for a good laptop that will last for at least 4 years. I want at least a quad core i7 and I don't need anything crazy in graphics but it has to be Windows because of the software that I will have to use. If you could send a recommendation it would be greatly appreciated.