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    Insanity Wolf
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    I'm a simple man.I see hardware and I put it together.No but seriously I've never built a single computer in my life :p
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    Intel Core i5-3230M
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    Probably the cheapest
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    2*3gb sticks@DDR3 1333MHz
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    Nvidia GeForce GT640M 2GB
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    Probably the cheapest
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    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB 5400RPM 2.5"
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    Cooler Master MasterWatt Notebook Adapter 90W [MPX-0901-M19YB-EU]
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    A crappy 1366*768 TN Panel
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    A single 60mm ultra loud fan
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    Motospeed CK104(w/ Outemu Red switches)
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    Motospeed V30(It sucks don't buy it)
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    Razer Kraken 7.1 V2
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
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  1. I actually can't take a single part off except from the sim card slot.God damnit new phones and their non removable battariesAnyways thanks for the tip.I hope this works.
  2. So because I don't want to waste time I usually bathe and watch a video at the same time.Well,today was the day that a bunch of water got all over my phone and guess what the best part is;it's not waterproof certified.Some more bad news is that after it got wet I had to go out and came back after about 4-5 hours and when I started using it I experienced these problems:The speakers sound very distorted even at very low volume and when plugged,the phone's battery neither goes up nor down.The model I have is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with 3gb of ram and 32gb of storage.It's an android phone that has the usb type c connector in the middle of the bottom portion and the speakers on the left and right of the usb connector.Any help would be appriciated
  3. An idea yes.I mostly play Esport titles that don't benefit from a lot of cores.I will most likely be getting either an overclockable i3 or i5 and a decent cooler and crank that core clock to the max.I don't know about the graphics card but I want something that can push high settings 144hz on low demanding titles such as LoL,CS GO,Overwatch etc,so something with the horsepower of a gtx 1070.If all goes well a "GTX 1160" would suit me perfect since it would have the performance of a 1070(or at least that's how things mostly go).
  4. It's built for gaming they said. It's the best price/performance ratio they said. IT RUNS BATTEFIELD 4 ON ULTRA THEY SAID(Although they didn't mention resolution or framerates so I guess if I select the ultra preset and then it's running at 10 frames per second it "runs",so I can't blame them on that one). In all honesty though,my laptop sucks.Sure it may not be the absolute worst,but it's pretty down there.There was another variant with better looks(and most likely better build quality) ,8gb of ram and most importantly a gtx 660m and all for 60€ more but when dad says nope we ain't buying that one because "cheapest that works" is the best and you're just 12 years old you can't get the better deal.Anyways,when coffee lake hits the shelves and christmas brings the prices down I will build my first and own gaming computer that is not a laptop or AIO.Thanks for wasting your time
  5. Isn't that i7 a 4 core 8 thread cpu?Thanks for the offer but I don't think that LoL and Hearthstone need more than 2 cores,it's mostly on the gpu.I wish I could upgrade my gpu to something better,even a 660m would be at least a bit better.But nope,for that you need thunerbolt 3,spend 300-500$ on a graphics card ampilfier(or however they're called) and then buy the actual graphics card and even if I went for something like a 1050 ti,any cpu of my socket would bottlebeck it to the ma.I guess I'll accept how things are until cofee lake comes out.
  6. When I remove the OC the games do start up but my framerates still suck :d.I thought running Unigine Heaven on the extreme preset would be ok but guess not.
  7. I have a laptop with okay specs for when I bought it in 2013.It has an i5-3230M(dual core with hyper threading),6gb of ram and a gt 640m.Today it can play only old/low demanding titles and so I decided to overclock it just in case I can play Far Cry 4 on the lowest settings and resolution at over 15 fps that I'm getting now.I went on and downloaded MSI afterburner and after some tweeking,I gave the core clock a boost of 135mhz(about 840mhz total) and the memory clock a boost of 100mhz(1ghz total) and decided to run both a gpu and cpu stress test for a whole hour.It didn't crash and as far as I could tell,there weren't any "articafts" or something suspicious and I was happy,until I tried to play actual games.I tried playing LoL,Hearthstone and Overwatch with the above settings and all 3 crashed in an instant(when the graphics card had to be utilised).I saw that after the stress tests the cpu didnt go over 83 degress and the gpu over 76(with the overclock).If you happen to know what may be the problem then please tell it down bellow.Thanks for reading!
  8. If only there was a place that you could go to and try out both newly released and old peripherals that weren't overused by other people so much so that it wasn't the same as how that product may be when you open it for the first time.Linus should search for and get sponsored by such company right now
  9. Okay then If I need only two buttons on the side what mouse would you reccomend at around 60 to 80$ that is suitable for fps titles?(preferably wired connection because I don't have a charging station for batteries.
  10. Well I've seen a lot of good mice(e.g. Logitech G Pro,Logitech G403 Prodigy,Razer Deathadder Elite,Asus ROG Gladius etc) at a simillar price point and all are great,but all have only two buttons on the side.Is there any other mouse you would reccomend for fps titles that has 3(or more)buttons on the side where your thumb is?
  11. Hey.I'm going to buy a new mouse so my aim gets bottlenecked only by my skill and not my mouse or mousepad.I will most likely get either the g240 or the g640 for a mousepad and as for the mouse, I really like the G502 Proteus Spectrm because it has 3 buttons on the side and in Overwatch I must use all 3.I wanted to ask two question for anyone who has used it;Can the "sniper button" be reprogrammed to a different button just like the top two are without decreasing your sensitivity?And did you think that when you bought it you got what you paid for or was there another simillarluly priced mouse than you would have preffered having over this one?Thanks for helping me out if you do so
  12. I already have a mouse so I'll measure it and then go look up the dimensions for the other mice.If the deathadder elite is not too big for my hand then I'll go with that,otherwise Logitech G Pro seems like a solid choice.Thanks for helping me out.Now I just gotta find a good mousepad .
  13. I'm tired of my budget mouse sucking and decided that it's time to get a new one(as well as a mousepad).The mice that I've seen mostly reccomended are the deathadder elite and the g502 Proteus Spectrum,which I could both find for 70€.I play a variety of games but I don't use macros on mice apart from the two on the left side so I guess I'd prefer the one with the best sensor(?).Anyways if you've had any of these two or even both mice and don't mind wasting 5 minutes of your life then please mention what you liked or disliked about them down bellow.Thanks for reading
  14. I just wanted to kind of throw this question out and see people's different opinions on "comfortable" mice.I know that everyone's hand is different,as well as the way you hold the mouse or even the palm of the hand that you use in order to hold it,but I still wanted to know what type of mouse someone may call very comfortable.So if you want to,you may leave the product name of the mouse that you thought was the most comfortable when using.Thanks for reading
  15. Οκ,then I guess I will connect the 4 fans and the keyboard to the usb 3.0 since they consume the most power and the mouse and headshet to the usb 2.0.Thanks for everyone who contributed