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  1. Each BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) ticket includes a 36” wide by 30” deep table space, a foldable chair, a port on our LAN, and two power sockets.
  2. Recently saw the video of linus saying out to package a pc for ltx and tips seem pretty good but what I am really worried about is customs. I have seen horror stories online about them taking apart pc's and trashing them (I am coming from the US so the trip back is more of a bigger deal because US Customs are a pita. Is it worth just bringing my monitor and gaming laptop or is it fairly safe to check my pc under the plane. It also might fit in my carry on. what is the best course of action for the show for the logistics of it and are customs a big deal? Just really confused on what the best thing to do is.
  3. I'm in san diego so a 22 hour drive does not sound fun but thanks for the advice.
  4. Just bought a BYOC ticket and was looking for advice from seasoned veterans on what is the best way to transport my gaming tower and monitor. I have a mid-atx and a 24" monitor. I will be flying in from cali and don't know the best way to send my tower there first. My backup plan is to bring my gaming laptop and just use that but if someone has done this before let me know the best way. Also I'm concerned about customs. There and back.
  5. Emmet is the hands now best "autocomplete" addon for any web project and I use it pretty much every day. It allows you to stuff like div (tab) and it will type out <div></div> But can also do really complex stuff like (div>dl>(dt+dd)*3)+footer>p and convert to <div> <dl> <dt></dt> <dd></dd> <dt></dt> <dd></dd> <dt></dt> <dd></dd> </dl> </div> <footer> <p></p> </footer> here is a cheat sheet https://docs.emmet.io/cheat-sheet/
  6. Trying to just use a usb drive but whenever a program tries to read any data on it, ie file explorer, device manager, disk management etc. I was wondering if it is the actual drive or if its the data on it for some reason, Is there a way for me to wipe it without having a program read whats currently on it.
  7. How would I check if I'm part of a domain and how what policy could it be
  8. https://photos.app.goo.gl/o1HjdBiaDfoFOOFa2 @GoodBytes
  9. This is a personal laptop with a clean install of windows 10 pro. There are NO programs and its a completely blank OS. Here is what i have tried. Reset Group Policy Manager Set the Privacy to Full (instead of basic) Disabled windows update Enabled and set Telemetry to full. I have followed countless tutorials on line and none of them has helped. I get to the menu by right clicking a network and click properties. I am trying to randomize my MAC address and i see this option on other computers but not mine for some reason.
  10. I have a 3 screen setup and on my center screen where I play the game. ( A 180hrtz monitor) I have to play in full-screen mode in order to have all of the frames. However, if i try and tab out of the game. (only in some games) All 3 of my screens go black. Then after a few seconds, they turn back on. This only happens in a game where it takes advantage of 180HRTZ ie PubG, CSGO, and R6S. I have one idea on why it is happening. In the Geforce Experience app it says i only have 1080P and 60HZ where I have 180HZ I am unaware of how to change this or update it. (My other two monitors are 60HZ so that may be why.
  11. This is probably a problem with the game code itself. I would try going into the sound panel and make sure you have everything you want to be playing sound set to default