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  1. I have a 3 screen setup and on my center screen where I play the game. ( A 180hrtz monitor) I have to play in full-screen mode in order to have all of the frames. However, if i try and tab out of the game. (only in some games) All 3 of my screens go black. Then after a few seconds, they turn back on. This only happens in a game where it takes advantage of 180HRTZ ie PubG, CSGO, and R6S. I have one idea on why it is happening. In the Geforce Experience app it says i only have 1080P and 60HZ where I have 180HZ I am unaware of how to change this or update it. (My other two monitors are 60HZ so that may be why.
  2. Tips for Teaching Recursion

  3. No Audio In Games via Speakers.

    This is probably a problem with the game code itself. I would try going into the sound panel and make sure you have everything you want to be playing sound set to default
  4. Webhosting - Plain html site

    Serverpilot.io is a really good service to use its kinda like CPanel but cheaper 10$ for basic plan or free if you dont want ssl. if you used php stuff you can also use laravel forge.
  5. Which Rainbow Six Siege version to get

    Do not get the starter version. It costs 25000 per new operator instead of the 2500 with the full version and dont bother getting a season pass until you play it a lot it is not needed to succeed at the game and is primarily used for skins and a tiny bit of extra renown. Granted you can always buy it later on.
  6. 25 Gamers, 5 CPUs

    VMS are really glitchy and wont really be viable i would just buy 25 computers and it will probably be cheaper. (if you want to make money install a mining program and only have it on while idle)
  7. Hello, I have a multi gpu rig (for mining so not in sli) and it boots fine but when i have more than 1 gpu it wont show anything on the monitor no matter which gpu i try or even if i use onboard graphics. I have 3 1070's and 1 970. Thanks in advanced
  8. Weird rattling noise on aio cooler

    Here is the video i took on start up
  9. Weird rattling noise on aio cooler

    yes its not really a rattling sound like something is loose but more like a hum. like the water pump is trying to pump air
  10. Weird rattling noise on aio cooler

    Sounds like it comes from the cooler its deff from that area and i just installed new case fans so i dont think its the case fans. il take a video next time
  11. Weird rattling noise on aio cooler

    3, 1 for cpu and 2 for case
  12. Weird rattling noise on aio cooler

    no i never use optical drive.
  13. Weird rattling noise on aio cooler

    Everything looks and feels good could it be something else in the rig? i have an optical drive could it be that?
  14. this has been going on for a while now. 2 years ago I bought a prebuilt computer with liquid cooling and about 1 year after that there was this weird humming noise that comes out of it. There are only 2 times when it happens. Sometimes and randomly happens then goes away and it will also happen on bootup if it has been off for 24 hours. I recently replaced it with a h55 corsair but that does not seem to change anything. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I don't think its the water cooler itself because it happens with different ones.