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  1. I got a 3950x off ebay i didn't want to wait. hope it goes well
  2. Good advice. There's a lot on there now from when I looked earlier.
  3. I dont mind markup. I don't want 2 though. I'm comfortable spending 1000 on it. I'll look after the gym. I added one to cart right at 10am the second it let me, it wanted credentials. quickly entered them and then the cart was empty. It then blocked adding to cart for about an hour then completely unavailable. The micro center guy said bots insta buy them whatever that means. resellers? I mean i tried avery avenue. I think employees took stock at micro center. The GM said they had them, walked back and there were none. spent all morning trying every avenue at once.
  4. It's moot if more end up being sold. Rumor mill is there may not be more coming. Time will tell. Obviously chips don't degrade under normal usage. Though Zen 3 is next year, so how long the wait is might make it moot in another way.
  5. Don't Lie, you didn't sleep that night and neither did I or my friends. If you have a line on a marked up new in box 3950x send it my way. I can't find a single one.
  6. I'm not sure what that means. PC parts go together to make a system. posters are just paper. I don't see the analogy. And why celebrities? Who wants celebrities on their wall? Or posters for that matter. Exclusive parts should still be purchasable to build a system. I could not have done any better attempting to get a 3950x today, yesterday, or any time previously this year. If they truly do release more this point is moot. From the bit I have heard there is uncertainty if more will come. (Yes I'm aware the UK sites say preordering for January now) I spoke to B&H Photo pre-release team today and was told there is zero communication from AMD on inventory, if any, to come and that is why they never took orders at all. I think it is fair to be skeptical at this point.
  7. I wonder if the alienware prebuilts come out soon. Removing the 3950x and putting a 3900x in the prebuilt may be the only option. I see people saying wait for more inventory next year, though I have seen media saying there might not be any more down the road. Time will tell. Just trying to be on the right side of the future.
  8. Calling people neanderthals is a bit extreme. If you wait the opposite happens, the other parts you need are not available. I mean throw the best chip in with whatever you can find if that's your thing.
  9. I agree TSMC is better than GF. And I'm aware of the obligations of TSMC to many OEMs. A preorder that isnt broadcast to the world for a chip most suited to enthusiasts is all I suggested. I mean their own Notify me to purchase email redirected to a second notify to purchase form when you click buy now (within one second of receiving email). What CPU am I returning? To snag the best parts for a high end build you have to get them as soon as they drop. Which anyone planning a build for a year would do. It is simply a poorly executed launch in my eyes. Slow inventories is fine. How it was handled is not IMO.
  10. I understand, though it is crazy how few they seem to actually be shipping. I waited all day to post anything because I was fuming earlier. I just don't understand why they don't look out for their enthusiasts and have an organized preorder. anticipate estimated inventories, accept preorders, perhaps in waves of production, and the heartache is eased.
  11. It would be nice to see hobbyist media call out AMD for failing to put products in enthusiasts' hands. Specifically today's abominal launch of the 3950x, where stocks were so short a savvy consumer with buy pages preloaded was unable to get products into e-carts all over the planet. For a hotly anticipated chip that was delayed multiple times one would think some effort be made to get enough product into consumer hands. In reality, in the moments certain sites accidentally went live prior to actual launch, the inventories were wiped out before a launch could even happen. I have read rumors, though not sure if remotely true, of new egg only having 100 chips to sell, and of a distributor in the UK telling a customer only 6 were available to sell in the country. Surely this can't be. Nonetheless, here we are with thousands spent on highest end AM4 builds, waiting for the 3950x to launch; now stuck unable to return anything, as the wait was too long. This screams so loudly of a stunt for good press than a move to please consumers. Linus and gang, please follow up on this topic. -An AMD enthusiast and now FORMER share holder
  12. If you see it for sale please just let me know. Thanks.
  13. Anyone with a Corsair 1000D? Pretty please.